Posted by: chlost | October 6, 2011


My daughter was biking to work today, and saw protesters with signs over a highway bridge. The signs were facing the highway, not the bike path, so she asked them what they were protesting.

The ten-year anniversary of the start of the Iraq/Afghanistan war.

TEN years.

A decade.

And where are we now?

Obviously, we are still in the war, and the war seems to be expanding into new areas, rather than being any closer to an end. My daughter and her friends were just teenagers when the war began.

I can remember that the students on her campus were the first war protesters as the attack on Iraq began. There was a lot of negative talk of that “liberal” campus and the crazy students protesting a war that had been sold to us as necessary to protect the world from weapons of mass destruction.  It seems as though there has been a mass destruction, but not in the way we were told. This destruction has been to our economy, our middle class, our children. But at that time, those students were bucking the sales pitch everyone else was buying hook, line and sinker-as my father would say.

Huh. Guess they were not so crazy after all.

The current protests that are spreading throughout the country remind me a bit of those protests. They started small. They are being derided as “liberals” with no clear agenda. Media coverage has been overwhelmingly negative.

The 99%. It covers so much. So many issues.

Ten years into a war that seems to have no end.

My daughter is so upset about it that she is making t-shirts for her friends. They are lining up to get them, and are declaring their intent to wear them. She is asking them to make a donation for the occupy wall street protests.  They are pissed. About the war. About so many things.

It does my heart good.

Go 99ers.

Ten years-much, much too long.



  1. They are having a protest right now in Downtown Dallas, and you hit on the head, our local news portrayed it as a bunch of unemployed hippies just out making noise…… how sad. But I every much support them. It’s not right that the top 1% of people in our Country control all the finances and have total control on who gets into our Government. I did not know about today’s protest in advance, if they do another one, I plan on being there. 🙂

    • Yes, the fact that they are unemployed is part of their point, and I am not exactly sure what a hippie is any more. I want to see your picture in the paper to prove you are there, Mark.

  2. Things are going to be different after the revolution! You betcha!

    • Yah, sure, and ya know change has to begin someplace-why not here and now?

  3. Good for daughter! Good for you! I’m heading to Occupy DC soon, but imagine my thrill when I discovered that even All Sphincters Red South Carolina has an Occupy Irmo, an Occupy Florence, and an Occupy Charleston!

    I was beginning to think we’d all been beaten into utter submission. Whew!

    • It is interesting to see the uprising that seems to be coming with this. I am not sure how or if it will make changes, but it sure does my heart good to see people passionate about wanting something good. I am very impressed to hear how the organizers are handling themselves-the division of organizing, clean up, food, etc-and that they have tried to engage positively with passersby, media and law enforcement. Of course, it is not always received in the spirit it is offered.

  4. Too long, too long. Seems like we’ll never be out of it.

    • Too long, indeed.

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