Posted by: chlost | October 10, 2011

Ozark Mountain Daredevils Beware

We are going to be taking a long weekend. We’ll be traveling Thursday through Monday. This trip is to a part of the U.S. that I have not traveled to in the past.

Husband is going on a shopping trip. As I don’t usually enjoy shopping, I am not wildly excited about that part of the trip. The fact that he is shopping for a cow does not help. I am not too excited about adding another cow to the herd. Let’s just say that I am perfectly happy with four cows. Five is more than enough.

But, this is our anniversary trip. Our 32nd wedding anniversary is at the end of the month, and this is as close as we are going to get in terms of a trip to celebrate that occasion. So, we are going cow shopping for our anniversary. Ain’t that romantic? He has a lot of redeeming qualities, that husband of mine, which is the only way to explain why we are together over these 32 years.

We will be traveling to Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma. I am pushing to visit Arkansas. It will only be a little corner of the state, but I have seen pictures of Eureka Springs, and it looks very quaint. This is my part of the trip. I am hoping to have some beautiful scenery in the Ozarks.

We’ll be staying outside of Branson for one night. It might be nice to stay longer, but I think this is our test. If we like it, we could come back for more. It isn’t a place that I’ve really longed to visit. I don’t usually enjoy the really touristy areas. I picture Branson as being that kind of area. I am picturing tour buses running us off of the road.

Overall, I am looking forward to another road trip. I love road trips. I need to get away. I am keeping an open mind.

I have a big pile of books to read, just in case.  Not one of them is about a cow.



  1. Happy 32nd Anniversary!!!!! I hope your trip is better than you expect. As the grandaughter, niece, cousin of dairy farmers, I find the idea of shopping for a cow intriguing!! I’m a pretty good shopper for ordinary stuff but you can’t kick a cow’s tires!!! LOL

  2. Happy anniversary. I think you’ll like Eureka Springs. People used to call it “Little Switzerland” because it’s so hilly. My dad once told me that people in Eureka Springs all had one leg shorter than the other. Branson is definitely touristy, but it probably won’t be as crowded, now that school is back in session. Only the “Casket-nappers” (as they call seniors) will be out in their tour buses and RVs.

    There is a craft festival being held not far from Eureka Springs, at War Eagle, that you might enjoy more than Branson, if you like crafts. It has been held annually for many years. I think it starts Friday and lasts through the weekend, the 13th through the 16th. You can Google it, if you’re interested.

  3. OK. I can’t help laughing about shopping for a cow for a wedding anniversary! Should be a nice road trip though. Envy you that. I would love to get away, too, but unfortunately even if I did I would have to take this body with so it wouldn’t be much of a get away!

  4. Have a wonderful cowless trip. It all sounds wonderful. Especially the books.

  5. “So, we are going cow shopping for our anniversary. Ain’t that romantic?” Well, perhaps not romantic, but certainly somewhat eccentric and, at this stage of marriage, it substitutes for romantic well enough.

    I look forward to your impressions of Branson. I had always thought Nashville would be much more tourist-y than it is. Now that I’ve gotten to spend some time in it (my son moved there for work in the music industry) and in the music meccas around it, I think of it very differently. Turns out, it’s a working town, not a tour bus town, and it’s absolutely delightful for jazz and blues.

    Surprise us.

  6. The fact that you’re willing to go cow-shopping for your anniversary is another good reason you’re still together after 32 years! 😉 I hope you have a nice time and are blessed with the scenery you are hoping for!

  7. Cow-shopping. Definitely blog-worthy!

  8. I want to hear all about this cow, and the whole shopping process. Sounds a great way to celebrate an anniversary to me:) Have a lovely time.

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