Posted by: chlost | October 11, 2011

I am Occupied

A few posts ago, I mentioned that my kids are very passionate about the Occupy Wall Street movement, especially my daughter. She has been involved in planning the protest in her city this weekend. She is feeling excited, angry, justified. I love it. Her passion has been aroused and she is taking it somewhere to try to make a difference.

One of the things that she has done is make T-shirts. She sent our oldest son one, and one for me. I love the T-shirt. We were at my son’s house tonight to help him with a project. We had ordered chinese takeout food. The delivery guy got excited when he saw the T-shirt that my son was wearing when he came to the door. This is a movement that is hitting the core of frustration and anger of so many people.

A little mom pride here:


My son wearing his shirt

My son plans to wear his shirt when he attends the rally in his city this weekend.


My shirt.


My shirt will be worn for at least part of my trip this weekend. It will be very interesting to see what, if any, feedback I get from wearing it. I am not sure how this movement is being received in Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas. It will be a real test of the movement’s resonance in this country. I may get a lot of anger, some support, and probably much disgust.  My stereotype of the area is that there will be most likely quite negative reactions to this message. Even my mom doesn’t understand what it is all about and told me about her disdain for “those people”. It took her aback just a bit when I told her I am supportive and that her grandchildren are very active with the movement.

If I come back from the heartland bloody and bruised, you will know why. Or I might be surprised.



  1. Good for your kids! I wholeheartedly endorse this. It gives me hope for the future!


  2. That is awesome! Wear that shirt with pride 🙂

  3. Go, Mom, Go. Wear the shirt with pride.

  4. Nice! I wanted to go to the rally here, but it is at the same time as a continuing ed thing I have to attend. 😦

  5. Right on Mama. I’m right there with you. I do hope some of the Occupy Wall Street events get a little more focuses. Not that there isn’t plenty to be upset about; but sometimes people start to ramble (not running out of things to be upset about) and it’s too easy to dismiss them as cranks. But this stuff is REALLY basic.

  6. Well done, wear it with pride, both in your daughter and in the brave souls sitting-in all round the world. Hope you do not get too many rude or nasty comments.

  7. So in what shape did you return? 🙂

    I’m taking part in the “Banking Transfer Day.”,,,,encouraging folks to move their money out of the big banks into the smaller local places.

  8. Herman Cain said all the Occupy Wall Street people should go get jobs.. the the moron audience applauded his comments. I want to rap on his head and yell: “Hellooooo in there!” and wait for the echo.

    Of course the Conservatives whose Tea Party minions wanted to “Take Back America” is critical of the OWS group for wanting to, wait for it… “Take Back America”.

    Anyway, kudos to your family for entering the fray. Their future may well depend on it.

  9. So, how’d it go? Cool thing is that it’s the family being proactive on this thing. A family that rallies together, stays together. 🙂

    • We all pretty much are in agreement on political issues, but my daughter is much more passionate than the rest of us. I cheer her on.

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