Posted by: chlost | October 22, 2011

Not yet!


You may recall my dislike for Michele Bachmann and my disdain for her as a Congressional Representative for my district. Yeah, I might have mentioned it here once or twice.

So, why wouldn’t I be thrilled that her Presidential campaign seems to be imploding? (See the report from MSNBC regarding its confirmation of the resignation of Bachmann’s entire New Hampshire Presidential campaign staff.) The newest financial reports indicate that her campaign spent more than it collected in donations this past quarter.  Dang!

Certainly, I do not want to see Bachmann as President. But, I also do not want her to be my Representative any longer. It’s embarrassing, to say the least.

However, I live in a VERY conservative district. As long as she is on the ballot in this area, no matter how awful she is, no matter how stupid her remarks, no matter how crazy her husband (he claims to turn gay people straight), the people in this district vote for her. Don’t ask me why. I can’t explain it. They are as nutty as she is, or are brainwashed in some way.

Anyway, I only want her campaign to implode after she resigns from her Congressional seat to run for President. That hasn’t happened yet. As long as she hasn’t resigned, she will go back to being the Representative when her campaign ends.

So, hang on, Michele. Just a little longer, please. Get that Iowa caucus win. Go!

Take the Republican nomination-I don’t care.

Please. Quit your congressional position. You know you don’t want it anymore. It was just a stepping stone. You know you are the chosen one.

THEN your campaign can dissolve. THEN reality can hit. THEN your campaign can go bankrupt. THEN the Republicans can come to their senses.

Not yet!




  1. Maybe you could donate some money to her campaign? 🙂

    • I’ve actually considered that. But don’t want to be on their mailing list.

  2. Is she planning on quitting her seat? I hope for your sake she does. We should be so lucky down here….. Governor Good Hair is perfectly content to spend all his time on the campaign trail instead of actually Governing our state…… Our two idiots make quite a pair 🙂

    • Yeah, it is scary to see them and hear them. Yowzer….crazy and crazier.
      She will not give up her seat until she has to. Why would she let the bird in the hand fly away? That bird may be a cuckoo, but even so….. 🙂

  3. If I had a Congressperson who was held up to ridicule as often as she has been, I would be embarrassed and ashamed and could never vote for he again. Her constituents must be as thick as planks. Of course, there are others just like them all over the country, and what are we to do?

    • It seems as though her followers are unable to see what everyone else sees when they look at her. They dismiss the crazy stuff as the media bias against her. Thicker than planks…..more like concrete.

  4. Bachmann is an embarrassment to the entire state of Minnesota! But I do enjoy hearing some of the idiot things she says. I grew up in her district and both my parents were Republicans, but my political affiliations are radically different. Unfortunately the district I currently live in is conservative also. While Bachmann has provided plenty of laughs, it is frightening to think she could be elected to any political office. By the way, did you see the latest video of her cuddling up with Wayne Newton? It’s hilarious!

    • I cringe every time I hear her inane comments. She and Wayne…..I would more rather imagine that it is Wayne and hubby who are buddies……Glad to hear that there is at least one other sane person in the area.

  5. The mere thought of her running triggers panic but I do empathize with your not wanting her as your rep! Russ over at Russ’ Filtered news calls her “Crazy Shelly” and skewers her regularly.

    • She deserves any skewering he can give her. Go Russ!

  6. She’s the most scary kind of crazy, inn’t she? And that business with her husband. Feh. Blah. Boo.

    • Scary-Oh my! Both of ’em.

  7. I love Bachman (and Sarah Palin, too). They take national attention off Arizona 🙂

    • Yes, they are attention grabbers. But poor little Sarah seems to have disappeared lately.

      • Yes, Sarah did, but not before she raked in a nice pile of cash!

      • Yes, wonder where all of that money will end up?

  8. I don’t want her to be president either. So far, so good. You’ve got a double whammy though. Maybe she’ll go on a rampage like her colleague, Sarah Palin. Or what if they team up and tour the country ranting. That can be quite scary, you know. Those chicks are about ready for menopause. Anything can happen.

    • I think if the two of them worked together, it would be like tweedledum and tweedledee. Hopefully, that would prevent anyone from taking them seriously! Thanks for stopping by!

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