Posted by: chlost | November 11, 2011

3:30 a.m.

Discomfort pushes me

Try this side

Now that

Back? no, front

brain overload

hot, cold-feet, arms

useless to fight

simple surrender at last

Quiet darkness

Inside and out

alone but surrounded

by the noise of quiet

roaring,  encircling

appliance lights glow

small, green dots mark their spot

clock, telephone, television

steady, waiting, ready

A conspiracy of sleep

Cup of tea, warm milk

graham crackers,  toast

music, books, late-night tv

just sitting and thinking

relaxation, meditation

plan for the day

it comes slowly, gradually

with certainty

it will be long

hours until the evening

and the next round

insomnia hell

Note-as this was written at 3:30 am, it may not make much sense- I feel wide awake, but I am not sure if my brain is working correctly.

I haven’t written poetry, but this one wrote itself. It came in about 10 minutes, here it is just as it felt. I am clicking the publish button anyway-forgive me if it is horrible.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the time until I can fall asleep.



  1. It was ten minutes well spent–and what an ironic read for me, as I’m right now more than an hour in to a rare bout of insomnia. I was just waking up as you wrote this; maybe I sensed you out there, eh?

    For me, my mind was on dark things, the covers made me too hot, and then the brain got to spinning. Wide awake here, too, friend. Middle-of-the-night hive five to you.

  2. That perfectly describes the woes of sleeplessness that affects sooooo many people. When it hits me, I usually give in, turn on the light and start reading which eventually puts me back to sleep.

    • I’ve always tried to avoid getting up, thinking that if I just wait a little bit longer, I’ll fall asleep. This time, I gave up and just got up. I am not sure which method works better.

  3. There must be an epidemic of sleeplessness these days, perhaps due to the confusion of the end of Daylight Squandering Time. I’ve seen several blog posts from friends recently on insomnia. And we’re a worried nation.

    • Yes, there is a lot to lose sleep over these days. Let me know if anyone has found a cure.

  4. I’m never sure if allowing the brain to stay occupied is better or worse. If I stay up, I will be on the computer or reading until 2am or later. If I go to bed I sometimes fall asleep within an hour or so, sometimes it’s many hours. I feel your frustration. *hugs*

    • Thanks! It gets really old very fast. I don’t think it’s a lot to expect-I just want to sleep through the night.

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