Posted by: chlost | November 19, 2011

All is white in the world once again

Yes, it has been snowing here nearly all day. The ground is covered. It is not the melty, slushy kind of snow. It has been a hard, pelting dry snow. Little white icy pellets that sting on the skin, and bounce off the windshield.

I had to drive in it. Apparently I am not the only one learning to drive in the snow again. There have been many accidents all over the area. There was quite a close call just ahead of me on the road. I could only watch and hope that nothing happened as I was coming up behind the three vehicles which were sliding on the road like bumper cars. All of us escaped without incident.

Now I am home, curled up by the light of my computer, and will not be venturing out of the house for at least another 24 hours.  Wonderful! Unfortunately, Husband is working today, and won’t be done for at least another hour, then he will have a long drive home. At least there shouldn’t be much traffic as there is not rush hour on Saturday.

In the face of so much despair by me and other progressives that I know, today we had a fundraiser for our local Democratic unit. In our state there is a state party unit, then several layers of local boards, who are usually the “on the ground” support system for local and state campaigns.  We weren’t sure that there would be anyone there other than the board members. Many of us have lost interest and/or the energy to fight the good fight.

When the weather turned ugly about an hour before the scheduled time of the event, we weren’t even sure the board members would make it. The average age of our board members is 60. Many limit their driving to daylight hours and good weather. The event was being held at a bar/restaurant in a very rural area, on a secondary road that is not in the first-tier for plowing.

But we had about 100 people who attended, and there were many new faces. It was a shot in the arm.

People do care. They are pissed. They want action.

If it hadn’t been held on the day of the first snow, we may have had even more people who attended.

Maybe there is hope after all.



  1. I envy ya having the snow to look at, but don’t envy you having to drive in it. That’s pretty cool that your function had such a good turn out. When is you know who up for re-election again? No chance she might eventually get voted out is there?

    • She is up for re-election, but doesn’t have to decide for sure whether to file until June, I think. I am sure hoping that this presidential campaign will finally make even this crazy district to get her out of congress.

  2. I do not miss the snow. Not even looking at it. I am trying to decide if I will go north for the Christmas holidays or just stay put. Not sure I could take the cold…

    Good turnout, despite the weather. There are too many people suffering too many bad times for there to be much of a status quo. Elections should be very interesting, indeed.

    • I have never lived in an area that did not get snow in the winter. It is on my bucket list. Someday…..I want to miss it rather than suffer with it.

  3. There is hope! Thanks to you!

    • Not me-I’m one of the no energy left folks.

  4. Good to know a little weather couldn’t dampen the election support.
    Envy your snow but not driving in it. Take care.

    • I hate driving in it, too.

  5. Despite the mayhem it can cause, I can never help but feel optimistic when the snow makes a show (confession: I miss snow). More likely, people were just too in need of some like-minded people and gatherings. Here’s hoping for greener pastures!

    • Here is an offer for you….you come here and enjoy some (lots) of snow, and I will go to wherever it is that you are and where there is no snow. I would really like to have the chance to miss the snow.

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