Posted by: chlost | November 20, 2011

That would really hurt

Back in the last recession, just after law school, with three children and no job openings in the legal field, I worked a retail job over the holiday season. It was a challenging time, no doubt.

I vowed that I would never again set foot in a retail store on the Friday after Thanksgiving. That was even before the nickname “Black Friday” became popular. It was before the local shrine to consumer spending was erected—what the locals call the MOA- Mall of America.

This year, there is even more reason to stay away from the “MOA” on Black Friday.

My congressional representative wannabe republican presidential candidate will be signing copies of her memoir.

Yes, Michele Bachmann has written a memoir.

Let’s see. Her job is in Congress, representing the residents of her district. The district could use some representation.  But she is spending her time running for the presidency of the United States AND writing a book. Well, presumably she wrote it. Now she’s spending time promoting her book.  Just for the record, the MOA is not located in her district. Self promotion on the company’s dime, so to speak.

This is not unusual. Gov. Tim Pawlenty, the other Minnesota Republican who wanted to be President wrote a memoir , too. It didn’t go so well for him. His campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination lasted a full 84 days. Apparently the book sales didn’t go so well, either.

Ms. Bachmann has publicly  supported waterboarding-aka torture-as US policy.

Michele Bachmann signing a memoir at the MOA on Black Friday-how appropriate.



  1. I’ve done my time doing retail, too. Sigh. Fortunately, I was young then and it wasn’t as crazy as it is now. I don’t even leave the house on Black Friday except to run to one of the neighborhood businesses.

    As to Crazy Shelly, she’s a joke and that ANYONE takes her seriously is a sad, sad commentary on our collective intelligence.

    • I like the Small Business promotion. The idea is to shop in a local small business during the holiday season. There is a facebook page, if you are interested.

  2. I don’t blame you for wanting to stay as far away as possible….

    • Thank you….I suppose Texas is almost as far as you can get.

  3. Ah gee, too bad I’m still recovering from my latest surgery or I’d drive over to MOA on Friday and get two books, one for each of us!

    It is amazing how holding down a job works for politicians. Yeah, I can imagine how long I’d keep my job if I was gone everyday working on getting another job somewhere else.

    • It would be fun to see what you would do at MB’s book signing. I hope you are feeling stronger soon.

  4. I feel there should be a rulebook out there about the appropriate times and places for memoirs. Michele Bachmann and Justin Bieber could read it. If you’re in need of a laugh:

    • Yeah, 16 year olds should NOT write memoirs. He’ll feel so foolish when he is 40.

  5. Ahhh. Michelle. As a fellow Minnesotan, I find myself confronted with her special brand of delusional idiocy as well.

    As we like to say here: Ick.


    • It is such an embarrassment to live in her district. I wish I could move my house during elections.

  6. So I take it you’re not going to be in line for a signed copy of her memoir?

    I’m not sure why Bachman (and Palin, for that matter) appeal to so many people.

  7. I wrote a memoir, too. And I am running for president. Has anyone even noticed? NO! Let’s give equal time to the common man. That would be me. Oh, and if beiing pro- waterboarding will get me some votes, I’m all for it. In fact, I did it just last weekend. Only my second time and I was able to stand up on it. The ocean was a bit cold but the surf was rad!!

    • Have your people call Michele’s people. I am thinking a joint press conference-perhaps you would want to consider having her as your vice presidential candidate. That should get you some notice! Maybe you could waterboard her just as a test to see if she will hold up to the pressures of the office.
      Thanks for visiting, and for commenting.

  8. Black Friday is no longer an issue for our family. We all collectively decided that we have enough “stuff” and we don’t want to support the Christmas-Industrial Complex.

    When I was younger and between banking and social service jobs, about this time of year, in fact, I did Christmas Tree Harvest. That was the HARDEST labor I had ever done. After two days of schlogging trees through mud and rain, I was so exhausted I couldn’t get enough recovery to go to work a third day. Grueling labor! And of course, no benefits, no sick leave.

    • I love the “Christmas-Industrial Complex”. How accurate. I have always loved a “natural” tree. But we go to the farm and cut the tree ourselves. So we (well, Husband) is the one who schlogs the trees to the car, ties it on top and hauls it in the house.

  9. I’m so jealous you have a Mall of America with celebrities like Ms. Bachman. We’ll just have to make do with Wal-Mart. I’ve got my stretch pants ready.

    • Thanks for stopping in, Barb. I am jealous of your stretch pants. I could use some during the holidays!

  10. I smell what you’re steppin’ in up there in Minnesota, ma’am, and I feel bad for you. We are regularly shamed by Jim DeMint, punctuated by regular moments of acute humiliation by Joe Wilson, here in SC. Personally, I don’t need any scuz-mongering ultra-con politicians eating away at my identity. My mantra when I’m out and about: I’m not from around here.

    Made a no-big-retail pledge for today. Seems like it cuts off our economic nose to spite our tea party visage, but I’m allergic to crowds.

    • We had both Pawlenty and Bachmann. Now with just Bachmann to embarrass the state, it is about 10% less crazy. The big retail pledge is a great idea. All the small businesses are the ones who need support.

  11. Bachmann. Gah. That’s all I can say.

    • Nothing more is needed to be said.

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