Posted by: chlost | November 30, 2011

Honored by an Idiot

One of my favorite bloggers, at The Idiot Speaketh, has paid me the honor of inviting me to write a guest post on his blog. Mark, aka “The Idiot”, has allowed me to post an entry on his blog. When you visit his site, you will notice that he has over one and a half million views.  Yes, one and a half MILLION. That number boggles my mind.  It is very kind of him to even allow me to comment on his blog, let alone write a post!

Mark is an all-around great guy, and has a very funny, sometimes very serious, blog. But as  you will see when you read the blog, his nickname is not at all accurate.

Please check out his blog, and my post there.

Thank You, Mark!



  1. And you did a great job!

    • Thanks.

  2. Cool. Good for you! And at the rate you’re going with your blog and readers, one of these days you will hit that million mark as well.

    • I enjoyed it. The numbers for my blog aren’t really a big deal to me. It is the number of good friends I have met that means the most to me.

  3. Wow, what an honor. Will check it out.

    • Hope you enjoyed Mark’s blog.

  4. Enjoyed reading your guest post! I hope if/when I get to meet another blogger it goes as well as your visit with Mark and his son. You do have a delightful sense of humor.

    • Thank you. My humor usually comes and goes….

  5. Bravo to you!. 🙂

    • Thanks!

  6. Great job Chlost! I had fun reading it. 🙂

    • Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.

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