Posted by: chlost | January 7, 2012

Still at it…………….

Nothing big to add here, just want to keep my blog active in your reader. I am still behind in reading, I don’t know if I will ever catch up. I appreciate everyone who is so kind to come by here to be supportive when I have not done the same for all of you.

I have had three full days in on the new full time job. I almost have an office space that is liveable-no windows, quite small, but out of the way of the office hubbub. As one of the guys in the office says, “I like to run below the radar”.

My big life change is still in a holding pattern. I have taken some small steps. I have had to prioritize the life adjustments I am making right now. Settling into the job has been on the top of the list recently.

The two oldest granddaughters are here for the weekend. Lots of fun, giggles, and silliness. A lot of busyness. Much energy on the part of Husband and I. I think it will get easier as we have them here more often, getting into a routine, figuring out the boundaries and rules here. They are such good little girls. They just have a lot of energy, and the oldest is a born negotiator. She will make an excellent lawyer some day. Our nickname for the younger one is “monkey” as in “monkey see monkey do”. The oldest has not yet appreciated the power she has in her hands, but I suppose she soon will take advantage of that. They are just very sweet right now.

Our winter is still the one that wasn’t. The ground is brown, the days have been sunny and relatively warm. I could almost live with winter if it were like this each year. The most common local comment on the weather is that “we will pay for this later”. We are such a bunch of pessimists. I think the fewer days of hard winter on the front end of the season are just that many fewer days of winter, no matter what happens farther into the season. We are just one day closer to April. As I am still in the midst of the winter doldrums no matter the weather, April cannot come soon enough.

Still waiting to get my computer back in action. I found someone who would work on it from the office. He has been able to save most of the data (thank goodness!) and is trying to figure out a way to blank it out and start over. I hope it works. I am getting very tired of using Husband’s computer. I am sure that he is getting tired of sharing.

Will be back-eventually….keep me on your blogroll!



  1. I wouldn’t stop reading your adventures for anything. Hope you get back up and computing soon.

  2. I had to stop by and see how you’re doing!! Today is my 6th Blogoversary and I hope you’ll keep on blogging as long as I do. Us tall galls gotta stick together.

    I hope your new job gives you satisfaction and success!!!

  3. Thanks for the update dear! I need to do the same … perhaps tomorrow. Need some sleep right now. πŸ˜‰ *hugs*

  4. Little steps, gets you forward, little baby steps are just fine, with some fun with those girls along the way.

  5. I’ll keep reading but not in your blogroll πŸ™‚

    Whats up with the pc.

  6. We can’t reciprocate with every blog all the time. Try not to worry about it too much. I wish you the best of luck settling into things! I hope you don’t mind me tagging along for the ride. As a lawyer in training, I desperately seek reminders that there are kind-hearted souls doing this work.

  7. You can’t get rid of us that easily.

  8. I think of you more often than you might guess and hope for your life transition stuff to be heading on smoothly. Glad there is no immediate recoil from the new job–more of a “let’s slide in here and make of it what we will” atittude.

    Also, your comment on my Wave post: really awesome. As someone who hates anything cutesy or manufactured for my enjoyment–I even hate high fiving–I live in terror of a future when my ability to express my will is diminished, and I have to live in a world where people expect me to clap when all I want to do is swear at all future descendants. Somehow, what you posted in your comment heartened me and made me think our generation will be able to band together to create at least one senior home where people drink and cuss and talk about books–completely free of puppet shows or cute third graders showing up to play the violin.

  9. Had to swing by because your comment on Joce’s page had me nodding in agreement.

    Take your time getting back — we’re all still here!


  10. It does take time to read all the blogs – I spent two weeks on the computer almost daily to read all the posts and I am almost caught up. But it was fun as there are so many interesting persons out there. I enjoy reading about your life in the North. It finally got cold here today – we were in the high 30s but it will be back to the 60s in a couple of days. Enjoy your granddaughters – they’ll grow so fast.

  11. Stopped by to see how you’re doing and let you know I’ve been thinking about you… Sounds like fun with the granddaughters, even when tired. Hope your computer is up and running again, soon. *hugs*

  12. “Nothing big to add here, just want to keep my blog active in your reader.” made me laugh.

    It has indeed been a mild winter so far, but still chilly and gray and I DON”T LIKE IT! April? I’ll settle for March.

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