Posted by: chlost | January 18, 2012

Kids can make your day

This past holiday, I worked very hard on a special gift for my granddaughters. I wrote a story for them, then made it into a book. I “published” the book as a storybook through snapfish. It turned out just like a real children’s storybook.

My heart melted a bit today. My oldest granddaughter brought her book to preschool. The teachers read the story to the class.

According to my son, granddaughter’s preschool class loved the story. They have an email update for the class each day for parents, and apparently the book was mentioned for the other parents.

How nice that she brought it to preschool. I love that the kids liked it.

And thanks to my son, who shared that with me.

Made my day.



  1. What an honour! The opinion of the target audience! That’s so fantastic. Sometimes we don’t know how people feel about our gifts to the heart. This time, it sounds like you got feedback from the people who matter and then some. Enjoy it.

  2. How sweet! And way cool. 😀

  3. Rose said it all. Feel proud.

  4. That’s very cool.

  5. Doesn’t it delight your heart to know that the kids liked it?

  6. How wonderful. I am so glad it worked out well. Congratulations on the hard work and the good reception. A real thrill and a lovely beginning to 2012. I do hope that all your enterprises this year are as successful and wish you all the very best with what you need to do for you. XX

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