Posted by: chlost | January 29, 2012


Last Wednesday was the two-year anniversary of this blog.

Totally missed it. I never even thought of it until today.

In many ways it seems as though it has been much longer than two years that I have been doing this thing called blogging. In other ways, it still seems like a new experience.

I have met so many great people here. Many more than I would have met during the past two years had I not been blogging. And the fact that so many of the folks that I have met live within my own state is something that amazes me. Even though we live within a few hundred miles of each other, I never would have met these folks except through blogging. Had we met, I am sure that we would not have had the same exchange of the happenings in our lives, or maintained such a long connection had it not been for blogging.

Then there are the folks that I have met who live very far from me. Surely I would never have met them except through blogging. Certainly it would not have included such an intimate exchange of our lives as has occurred through blogging.

When I was young, I always wanted a pen pal. I tried to find one through a pen pal exchange. It just never worked out. I had visions of a friend across the ocean, who would know me even though we lived far apart. I wanted to learn about their life, like reading a novel set in an exotic location, but through a real person. Now I have that through blogging.

Basically, I am a shy person. But here I am, on the backside of middle life, getting to know people near and far.  For me, writing on a blog provides the perfect way to introduce myself to someone new. I can write about myself in a way that I would never be able to tell someone I was just getting to know in person. The bloggers I have met in person have been easy to talk to, as we have already established the basics of the “getting to know you” phase.

My little blog doesn’t have the big following of many other blogs. But those folks who have come to visit seem to stick around, for whatever reason. It amazes me each day that there are real people out there in the world who are reading what I have written.

Thanks for the past two years (and 5 days)!



  1. Congratulations on two years of blogging. I’ve only been at it since October last year but have already met a lot of wonderful people.

    • Thanks–you are far ahead of me—

  2. Congrats on your second year, there are a lot of great people blogging.
    If you want to meet more, comment on blogs your subscribed to, it does help.

    • Usually I do post many comments, but ever since my computer has been out (a digustingly long time now) I haven’t done it so much.

  3. I agree with you. This has been a wonderful experience. All these new friends have added wonderful stuff to my life. I’m glad I’ve been here all these years.

    • I hope to have my blog as long as yours someday!

  4. I also feel like I’ve been blogging for a long time and not at all. Congrats on two years!

    • Thanks!

  5. Happy blog anniversary! I feel like you – I would never had met so many interesting people if it were not for blogging. It also amazes me when I see that people come from so many areas to my blog. I never knew someone in your state and would not have known you if you did not have a blog – now I count you as one of my dear bloggy friends.

    • Thanks…it makes life more interesting!

  6. Well done, you. I had never before thought of blogging as a kind of pen pal-ship. But it TOTALLY is. We’re penpals without pressure, eh?

    • Thanks……I love having a chance to get to know so many people from all over.

  7. Happy B Day! The folks i’ve “met” on the blog remain some of my most cherished, that’s the pay off. What I don’t have in numbers I have in quality people. I’ve been at this for 6 years I think.

    • I agree.

  8. This blogging thing has given me a more optimistic view of humanity. Happy 2nd!

    • I need as much optimism as I can get!

  9. I’m catching up now. Belatedly, happy blogiversary. I was startled to realize the other day that this summer I’ll hit my 6th. Crazy. But it truly is a lovely community of folks.

    • Thanks! Six years is impressive!

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