Posted by: chlost | February 21, 2012

It’s not the cold, it’s the humidity

If I were to describe my visit to Oregon, it would be:

For those three days, I was colder than I have ever been in my life.

The weather was wet. Understandable. It is the Pacific Northwest, after all.

The grass was green. Flowers were blooming in some areas. New shoots of daffodils and crocus were sprouting.

The daytime temperatures were in the 50’s F.

For me, who lives in a place where the current average daytime temperature is 31F, I believe that I was somewhat justified in my hope to feel some spring-like warmth during my visit.

But those 50F days felt colder than any 0F day we have here.

It was windy along with being wet. The cold pierced clothing, and wrapped itself around me like a blanket soaked in ice water. The only times that I felt warm were when I was under the covers in bed, and in the shower.

Being inside a building did not help. Husband’s 92-year-old aunt had her thermostat set at 60F. She wears long underwear from Sept to April, according to her daughter. If only I’d known that ahead of time. We sat in her living room, huddled under blankets as we chatted. She did not turn up the thermostat based on our thin-blooded discomfort.

Daughter and the professor’s house was a relatively balmy 68F. But that didn’t help me much. I never removed my coat the entire time we were there.

Okay, I suppose you could say that I am a wimp. But keep in mind that I am at “that age”, the time when I more often than not will complain of being hot. I have begun to realize that I sweat. Husband and I have flip-flopped our internal thermostats over the past few years. I used to be the one who was always cold, and he was usually hot. More recently, I am visibly distressed and too hot, he is the one who is turning up the thermostat in our home.

But even I, queen of mid-life hormonal body warming, was overwhelmed by the February weather of Oregon.

When we returned home last night, the city was covered in nearly 3 inches of snow.

Thank goodness!



  1. Wow, I’m surprised! There must be something about the damp lushness of the West Coast, too, that helped the cold seep into your bones like that. Coming home to three inches of snow is relief, indeed. My go-to item around the house is a scarf; it’s amazing how much it warms my everything.

    • Yes, I think it was the cold dampness. I suppose you have to pay the price to have green like they have there. Lately, I have been cold around the house here-very different than not too long ago!

  2. Dampness and wind do it every time! I am so sorry, it must have made your weekend somewhat of a trial.

    • I was a baby about it-complained much too much. But I did enjoy the weekend nonetheless.Perhaps you have more of that damp weather in the UK. It is something you could get used to after a time.

  3. Had to laugh for I have been there. It is the dampness, it goes right thru you. If you ever go back, think thermal underware and gloves. My brother keeps his house cold and knows he is over doing it when he sees his wife knitting with her gloves on.
    Hope you are comfy now.

    • I am impressed his wife is using those needles for knitting rather than…..! Yes, I feel back to normal now.

  4. We sometimes get that same effect from Lake Superior. But, big as it is, it is no ocean.

    • You probably do get more of the dampness from the lake effect. But you don’t even get to have to offset of the year-around greenery! Not fair!

  5. NOW you know why we jetted off to Hawaii a couple of weeks ago. Yes, we are starting our Monsoon Season in Oregon, it will rain through June. It is not uncommon for it to rain on the 4th of July. We will get about 6 months of air conditioner use then cover the heat exchanger with a tarp to keep it from rusting.

    Still, when we have nice days here they are REALLY NICE!

    • A trip to Hawaii at this time of year sounds wonderful no matter where I were to live! Enjoy!

  6. It’s that kind of cold here today too. So sorry you were so chilled on your northern visit. Hugs.

    • I never thought that you would have that kind of cold in your area. That’s kind of disappointing!

  7. I do not like being cold. At all. And I am easily chilled. In the daytime, anyway – at night once I’m in bed my body starts radiating heat like a furnace.

    • Lately, I have become a furnace at night, too. It’s a toss-up of which is worse-being too cold, or being too hot.

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