Posted by: chlost | February 27, 2012

An unhealthy relationship


  1. After the snow and wind stopped and everything grew really quiet I thought I heard a coyote’s howl coming from the south. It was you, wasn’t it?

    • Could’ve been me!
      Are you getting buried in the snow with this one?

  2. We were hacked a number of years ago, and we now have giant walls. Avast and a couple more are on this computer. I do email on the web so nothing get’s to my computer. The two other most used computers have Norton and other spyware and anti everything ware.

    I can hear you and am so sorry.

    • I just had new security software installed. I think it was because it was an old email account and had a pretty weak password.

  3. That bites. I actually have been kind of hoping my laptop will die so that I can justify getting a macbook. But alas, it soldiers on and I’m too frugal to not keep using it.

    • Yeah-here’s some unsolicited advice plan to get a new one BEFORE it dies. No fun to go through all that in emergency mode.

      • As it happens, I did. The box arrived today! Gives me time to set it up and learn it at my leisure.

      • Very smart….can’t wait to hear how you like it.

  4. How dreadful, I do sympathise. The intrusion is akin to being burgled and the loss of trust in one’s computer and the lack of a working tool really hit home. One is surprisingly emotionally involved with one’s computer!! I am so sorry for your frustration, anger and trouble. I could not live without a safe, working computer and I do not need it for work as you do, so big hugs, strong cup of tea, and buttered crumpet coming your way. XX

    • Thank you so much for the tea and sympathy! I wish I could come to your place to enjoy it with you!

  5. I think the penalties for hackers and virus writers is that victims get to go into their homes with hammers and bust up everything they own, pulverize it.. smash in their car windows, lay waste to everything they own.

    • That sounds perfect!
      Robert, I cannot get comments to post to your blog. No matter how many times I try, it will not accept my word verifications. I promise that I am not a robot!

  6. How frustrating. Trying to remember new passwords is such a pain. I have a paper where I write my passwords in code (so someone can’t easily figure out what sites they are for.) The problem arises when I can’t even remember what sites they are for! Anyway, this paper turned up missing a few months ago (luckily I had another handwritten copy in our safe.) It took me several housr to change all the passwords, and make a new list!

    P.S. Scream away…it really does help đŸ™‚

  7. Computers are so wonderful but also so stressful. I can understand why you felt terrible. Our new desktop computer (bought last July) has been in the shop for two weeks with a malfunctioning memory. Luckily I still have my old laptop. I feel for you.

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