Posted by: chlost | March 16, 2012

When March goes out like a full-grown sheep

Newborn lamb born at Husband's workplace. All of the sheep have had at least twins, many have had triplets this spring. They are adorable.

March 16th.    Minnesota.     77 degrees F.

Which of those phrases doesn’t belong with the others? If you guess that they all belong together, you’d be right. At least this year.

Minnesota’s average high temperature in March is 41. The record high for March is 88. Just to appreciate the “variety of the seasons” that we enjoy here in the upper Midwestern U.S., note that the record low temperature for March is -50F. Yes, that’s right MINUS 50.

The current warm, lovely weather is set to continue through at least next week. The natives are loving it. Bicycles are out in force, runners are everywhere, shorts and flip-flops are out of storage, backyard grills are hot and smoky.

It is very odd to have it so warm; the grass is still brown, there are no leaves on the trees, and no flowers or greenery anywhere. There also are no bugs yet-well, except for the woodticks, which apparently have been seen here and there.

We humans are not the only ones who are a bit stunned by this round of early warmth. The maple trees have stopped running, so those who make syrup have no sap. The birds are frantically looking for mates and will soon be nesting. The songs have begun.

We tend to have a suspicious nature after living here for a while, though. Many are just waiting for a big snowstorm to hit in April. This is what the snowstorm of just three weeks ago did to the birch in our backyard. It usually stands up straight.

Our backyard just 3 weeks ago. It could happen again in April. It has before.

My bigger concern is that we will have a very dry, hot summer. We are already in drought conditions. If it is this warm in March, how hot will it be in July?

In the meantime, Husband and I are relaxing on the deck, having grilled burgers and a cold beer. Or two.

Ahhhh- We will enjoy it while it’s here. Because even a lamb has to grow up sometime.

Suffolk Sheep
Image via Wikipedia, by Jacqueline J. Wingate



  1. We are having unseasonably warm weather here in Wisconsin, too. I love it, but, like you, I keep expecting a the world’s worst blizzard to hit in a week or two. 🙂

  2. The weather system is off-kilter.. we are still having dustings of snow in the Willamette Valley. If what you are experiencing is true I think UPS may have delivered Spring to the wrong address.

  3. I’m with you, in terms of feeling both thrilled and a bit worried (worried about shifts in weather patterns that signal bigger problems). It’s so nice not to be impatient for the first hint of spring and so lovely to be out running in shorts already. But I fear for August!

  4. Lambs are so cute. It’s been an insanely warm Spring.

  5. Minnesotans:waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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