Posted by: chlost | April 6, 2012

When good things happen to good people, it means that there is something right with the world after all

Husband (okay, I hate that, I am going to start calling him Merle) has worked at the same job for 34 years. He has a very physical job. He is very dedicated and works very hard.

As I explained a bit ago, he has been laid up for the past several days. Today was his first day back to work. I was very worried about him, because I know him. I know him well. I am certain that he does not know what “take it easy on your knee” means. When he called me on his way home from work today (he does that every day) I expected that he would have overworked that knee and would likely have to be out of work again.

But when he did call, I could tell right away that he did not have bad news. In fact, I knew that something good had happened. It was clear as a bell in his voice. This man who shows no emotion was obviously elated.

He got the job!

He has been applying for new jobs over the years, trying to get into something less physical, and higher-paying. There had been a restructuring in the department where he works, and several years ago, his position was changed so that most of the things he loved about his job were eliminated. He felt he had been demoted, although his job title did not change, and he never lost any money.

He applied for the new position after a person working in there suggested he apply. Merle struggled to get his application and resume just right. When he was called for the interview, he was cautiously optimistic. He was interviewed a few weeks ago. He went into the interview more confident than I had seen him in a long time. He felt it went very well. There were at least two groups who interviewed him, one being comprised of the muckety-mucks who will be supervising him and the other a panel of the workers he would be supervising.  He sent a thank-you follow-up email after the interview. He received a thank you email for the thank you. It was looking great.

Then he heard about another person who’d interviewed. That person is quite a bit younger than Merle. He has a much stronger background in one of the areas necessary for the position. Merle was certain that this person would get the job. He has been beaten out by younger people many times before, even when the younger person is much less qualified for the job.

So, after he had heard nothing more for several days, he began to assume that the rejection letter would arrive in the mail any day. He had resigned himself to that.

Out of the blue, he was offered the job today.

It is a promotion, with much more responsibility. It is an increase of approximately 50% in salary. Essentially, he is moving from a blue-collar job to a professional-level position.

It is wonderful to see the change in him just over the past several hours. A man who feels appreciated. A man who feels he has value in the world. A man who has confidence. A man who feels wanted.

Because no matter how much a man has the love and respect of his family, he still needs self-respect. And for this man, self-respect is directly related to his job.

I am very happy for him. He deserves this good thing.



  1. Given the ageism that abounds in the workplace, this is a triumph!!!! I applaud him and the lucky company who hired him!!!!!

  2. How wonderful! Congrats to Merle … I hope the new job is everything he wants it to be! 🙂

  3. YAY – congratulations to Merle. I saw your comment on my post – I will work on a greeting card verse for you…

    My husband, who pretty much was forced to retire in 2010 hasn’t been able to find decent employment…he is continually beat out by younger guys. I am so excited for Merle and hope that the job is everything he wants it to be…

  4. Wonderful news. Please tell him congratulations from me.

  5. His greeting card verse is:


    Oh Happy Day – Let’s show some emotion!
    Looks like someone is getting a promotion.
    Hard work and dedication pay off – eventually
    May your new job be everything you want it to be.

    • and for the granddaughters….


      Three pretty girls, who soon will be
      Having their birthdays – Yes, all three!
      One will be five, the middle one three.
      And one year old the youngest will be.

      So much to celebrate, as the birthdays near
      Three sweet little girls, their faces so dear.
      Three darling sisters – their laughter so merry.
      Will certainly wear out the old Birthday Fairy.

      • Wonderful!! Thank you….they are going to see this at their birthday party later this month. You did a great job. I love it.

      • Give them an extra squeeze. I miss my grandkids so much!

    • Oh, he is going to love this! Thank you, my dear K8e!

      • Happy to oblige.

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