Posted by: chlost | April 12, 2012

And the leg bone’s connected to the……

Within the next day, we will know whether or not our son, daughter-in-law and three granddaughters are moving to Santa Fe.

Things are a bit tense around here, to put it mildly.

Our son works for a national company. He has been asked by a manager to move with him to Santa Fe and help him  “rescue” a problem division there. If this person is to be believed, he could help our son rise higher within the company relatively quickly. This person really likes our son. Both my son and daughter-in-law like and trust this person.

His current boss/es are telling him that there is no guarantee that this move will help him advance in the company more quickly. He knows that he will move up, it is just a matter of how quickly.  He tells us that he and daughter-in-law have been “itching” for an adventure, were ready to move to a new location.

But they were not planning on Santa Fe, and not this quickly. If this goes through, they will be moving within the next 2 months. They lived in Santa Fe a few years ago, and things were not good for them at that time. They had little money, no insurance, no real jobs, and were lonely for family. It would be quite different for them this time.

In any event, we are heartbroken at the prospect of having them move far away. We visited them once in Santa Fe. Neither Merle nor I liked the area much. I did not do well in the altitude. Merle thought it was “dusty”.

At least we may be able to have the financial wherewithal to visit them more often this time. We were financially strapped when the kids lived there and could only afford one visit.

I can guarantee that I will need to see my granddaughters more than one time per year!

As I discussed this whole chain of events on the phone with my daughter-in-law, she was driving home from the zoo with the kids. She said to me “I am driving home with the three girls…….oh, right-I have been corrected. I am driving home with three baby mountain lions from the zoo.”  Our oldest and middle  granddaughters had determined that they were mountain lion babies after seeing them at the zoo.

Daughter-in-law also told me that she and the kids had stopped just outside of the exit to allow her to nurse the baby. As the two older girls waited, they played around a large bronze statue of a bison. As the girls played, the 5 year-old reached underneath the statue and grabbed the bison’s “balls” and very seriously explained to the 3 year-old how she could tell that it was a boy bison. As they examined the bison’s “boy parts” the 3 year-old ran her hand from the ‘balls” along the bison’s penis. They chattered between themselves the entire time, discussing the differences between “boy parts” and “girl parts”.

Just as they began to walk away from the statue, Daughter-in-law and the girls were approached by a film crew for a local television station, and were asked if they would be willing to be interviewed for a story about stay-at-home moms.

My daughter-in-law was interviewed. We have not yet seen the piece, but can only hope that there is no film of the little girls discussing anatomy beneath the bison.

It will be very hard to have those girls thousands of miles away.



  1. I feel your pain. Grandchildren are one of life’s greatest delights.

    • Yes, they are delightful. They will leave a hole. I just hope we can visit often.

  2. The bison anatomy explanations are probably hilarious. I suspect they will do well and be back in a couple of years.

    • Oh, I have no doubt that they will do well. It’s me I am worried about. And kids are so good at explaining anatomy….none of the restraint that we adults have learned.

  3. Bronze statues get marvelously shiny anywhere they’re touched a lot. We have a bronze nude on our downtown sidewalk with very shiny nipples. Did you get a good look at that bison?

    I just visited Santa Fe for the first time last fall. I thought it was grand. But I can surely understand not wanting that kind of distance.

    • I am not sure how long that statue has been there. It is large, so those parts are at eye level for the kids. Kind of hard for them to miss and I am sure it is quite a temptation to touch….so those areas will shine brightly sooner or later!

  4. I hope they end up closer – it would be hard not to see your grandkids very often.

    • I hope so too, but we haven’t had a final word yet.

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