Posted by: chlost | April 15, 2012

Just call me Liesl

Every Saturday morning, Merle and I sit together in our living room chairs and have breakfast together. The little dog sits patiently to see if there will be any tidbits for him. He nearly always receives the last corner of toast.

This is a routine that we have followed for many years. We enjoy the chance to sit and chat. Our routine is one of those little things in life that mean a lot.

Our conversation yesterday made me think about the other little things in life. Those little pleasures that make life better. The kinds of things that we take for granted, but if we couldn’t enjoy them, our lives would lose something.

My mind began making a list. Think along the lines of the “Sound of Music”, but without the catchy tune and drapes will not be made into clothing.

Here we go……in no particular order…..start humming…..


-the smell of rain after a hot, dry day

-reading in a big comfortable chair on a gray, gloomy day

-sleeping under a big, warm quilt in a cool, dark room

the smell of newly mown grass

-chocolate-the taste and feel of it melting in my mouth

-sitting under a shady tree on a hot sunny day

-the sound of my granddaughters’ laughter

-the feel of a great haircut

looking at the night sky

-sitting on the porch/deck cooling off after a day of working outdoors

-having all of my “chicks” home under one roof, hearing them talking and laughing together a adults

lying under a tree, looking at the sky through the branches

-an ice-cold beer or iced tea on a hot summer day

-the quiet night after a snowfall

-coming out of the dark of a movie theater to a sunny afternoon

-the little dog asleep at my feet here……and then over there…wherever I am

-the smell of fresh air coming through the bedroom windows

-the cushion-y feeling of a pair of new socks

-the smell of a baby

-a clean house, car, or office (I’ve never had all three at the same time)

-a spontaneous kiss

-the smell of a horse

Yup, I am a real Ms. Von Trapp today.

You’ll be glad to know that I am not singing.





  1. That’s very good!

    • Thank you! And thanks for stopping by.

  2. A spontaneous kiss! Smiles! Seems like you left nothing out. Life is beautiful you know?

    • Yes, it is often hard to remember the little things that make it good.

      • I think it’s a good habit to always recount the things that we are grateful for in life. It sure adds more spice to living!

      • Yes, the list does make life much better!

      • It sure does. Keep doing your part to add to the beauty of life. Welldone!

      • Thanks!

      • You are welcome!

  3. Fun post! I’m with you… it’s those simple things that make life such a joy! Thanks for taking the time to share some of the things you enjoy.

    • Thanks. It was fun to come up with the list.

  4. Absolutely wonderful. What a great post. We are in agreement on almost everything. Here is where we don’t agree: The smell of a baby. Dirty Diapers, yuck! Chocolate. What’s the big deal, I say. The smell of a horse. Yuck, again. I spent some summers mucking out stalls. Believe me, horses stink! All the rest, perfect! I would include the sound of a well-tuned engine and the easy enjoyment of a minor-league baseball game. All joy. HF

    • Awwww-c’mon…..babies smell wonderful-if you smell their heads, not their bottoms. And horses themselves smell great, as long as you aren’t mucking out a stall (but I will admit that I think the smell of horse apples is much better than cows or pigs, or people!). And chocolate……really? No big deal? ๐Ÿ™‚ I think your additions are fine, though.

  5. I got really relaxed just reading those things.

    • I am glad you were able to relax before shoveling out of the snow up your way.

  6. Your list took me to so many of my own favorite things. Warmth, softness, and scents ranked high here. And then there are my grandson’s giggles (it’s my ringtone, now) and having all my grown-up chicks at home…those got a standing ovation!

    • Yes, chicks in the nest are very satisfying.

  7. Your list took me on a marvelous journey of the senses. Standing ovation!

  8. I’ll skip the horse but agree with you, smiling, on all the others.

    • Well, I suppose if we disagree on just one, we are pretty good. Thanks!

  9. I enjoyed reading all your posts. I am pleased that your husband is better and that he got a good job โ€“ this does not happen often these days but it shows what a great person he is. Well done.
    I have never been to a Lutheran church but it sounds like a Catholic church โ€“ not that I am Catholic but I went to a couple of masses with some friends before. I like your list of things that make you happy โ€“ many are the same for me. I would add: smelling hot croissants baking at the corner bakery in Paris โ€“ walking by fragrant jasmine in Savannah โ€“ eating fresh cooked mussels in white wine in Normandie and smelling lavender in the Provence fields. I guess a lot of mine have to do with France , ah wellโ€ฆ

    • Thank you! My husband is beyond ecstatic….for him. the Lutheran church is very close to the Catholic, because it broke away from the Catholics. I love the croissants, as well. The best ever was in Honfleur. I really want to go back and spend time in Paris. We were only there a day and did the quickie bus tour. Then I could add some more to the list.

  10. That’s a great list – well worth reviewing these things with some frequency.

    • Yes, I have to keep these in mind when things seem overwhelming.

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