Posted by: chlost | April 25, 2012

I am just going to close my eyes and spend some time here in this dark quiet room for a bit, if you don’t mind

Two migraines in three days.

I’ve had enough.

When I get the little bright spot in my line of vision, I know that I’m done for. Nothing will stop it, I am going to be miserable for at least the rest of that day, usually into the next.

After all of these years, you’d think I’d have figured out what causes these headaches. But they always seem to come out of the blue.

It is even harder when they are not as common. I used to get them regularly. I always had pain medication with me. But now they are fairly rare. And I sometimes have nothing with me, so I am even more miserable. Additionally, I think the headaches that I do get are worse than they used to be.

In any event, I have been feeling quite out of sorts lately. I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. It just makes things more challenging to do them while I either can’t see very well, or have a horrible headache.Because my job doesn’t really have the option to just not show up or leave if I am not feeling well, I just keep going.

It feels terrible to say so, but I am now anxious for spring to just be done.

Maybe that will stop the madness!




  1. I know how it feels to be at the mercy of a chronic condition that comes and goes at will. I live with lupus and understand the ups and downs of good and bad days. Although I don’t suffer from migraines, unpredictable and recurring pain is a difficult thing to deal with. I’ve learned to embrace the downtime and hit the ground running when it’s over. Hang in there – good days ahead.

  2. In a hushed voice…hope you feel better

  3. I haven’t had a migraine in years but I remember the pain well. So sorry you are having to deal with them. I hope they go away soon! *hugs*

  4. My migraines are fewer as well, and don’t seem tied to any of the usual triggers – caffeine, chocolate, red wine, MSG. And the ones I get now do seems worse, as well. I won;t complain, I used to get 3 or 4 migraines a week – and those were rough years. Medicine does help, but lately I’ve been getting rebound headaches.

    I’m sorry you are suffering. I wish you could stay in the quiet room.

  5. My wife never gets headaches, but she has had assorted eye problems which she has been told are closely related to migraines. Odd and annoying for you both. 😦

  6. I’m so sorry. Yup, that’s too many to endure. I’d raise my magic wand if I owned one.

  7. Sorry you are feeling so bad. I hope you feel better soon.

  8. I’ve had problems with migraines for years. SOmeone suggested a supplement to me called Ubiquinol. I know, that sounds ridiculous. It’s a CoQ10 derivative. But this week’s edition of Consumer Report’s On Health Magazine says there is some promising research behind it. All I know is that since I started taking it, the duration, frequency and intensity of my migraines have all decreased.

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