Posted by: chlost | May 3, 2012

And it is sure to rain cats and dogs tonight

Today I washed my car.

I am now a better person than all of you who do not have a clean car.

For some reason, when my car is all shiny and clean, I begin to notice all of the other cars around me. Ugh! That one sure hasn’t been washed….. Whoa! That one on the other side of the street is so dirty that I can barely tell what color it is….. And the one over there-that one is so covered with road dust that a kind passerby has drawn a smiley face on the back, accompanied by the universal dirty car message “Wash Me!”

Yes, I am definitely a better person than the owners of those cars. No question.

When I got my car washed, I also had the oil changed.

It was a package deal.

So not only do I have a clean car, I have a car that is running very smoothly. For some reason, just changing the oil in the car makes it run better.

Don’t try to tell me it isn’t.

You are not driving it. I can tell. I am sure that it is running much better than it was earlier today.

Of course, with 180,000+ miles on the car, a thing like clean oil obviously will make a difference.  Right?

Just let me revel in this for a few hours. Humor me.

Tomorrow I am heading out for a road trip to Chicago with my brother and my mom. Luckily, my brother will probably do most of the driving.  After the trip, there will be over 1,000 more miles on the car.

And it may not be so clean.



  1. i desperately need a car wash. and an oil change. this makes me feel like a failure. you make it sound so easy!

    • Well, it helped that it was one of those places where you get the oil changed, and the automatic car wash was part of the deal. Works great for me!

  2. I agree.. a clean car always runs better. The downside is that it gets dirty very quickly.

    Have a safe trip to Chicago!

    • Yes, it is dirty just by driving out of the car wash. Thanks!

  3. You are a better person than me. My car in an embarrassment (if mud spots and bird poo are theft deterrents, then my car is safe.)

    Hope you have a safe trip!

    • Why is it that car thieves don’t think to wash the car?

  4. Show off!!!! Lol. 😉

    • You have to work with what you have! 🙂

  5. Have you seen my car? Dirty, dirty, dirty outside…covered with dog hair inside. It’s a hot mess. And soon we will have to endure the “love bug” explosion so maybe I’ll just wait till then to clean it?

    • One thing is guaranteed, it will always get dirtier. Not sure of the “love bugs”. Not so good?

      • Love bugs here in Florida usually in May. I am told it has been too hot for them this year – the winter too warm or something like that. They fly in swarms (2 bugs “hooked” together – that is why they call them love bugs). They are nasty, you can hear them smacking the windshield and they make a horrible gooey mess of your commute. Your car needs to be washed everyday or the acids in their bodies ruin your paint job on the car. They last about 3 weeks before their life cycle is over until the next round.

  6. I live on a gravel road and cannot keep my car clean, so I only wash it a couple of times a year. After college one of my best friends neglected to change the oil in his car for 12,000 miles. The engine seized as the oil had turned to sludge and no longer lubricated anything. It was his first expensive lesson.

    • My husband had the same thing happen on a car he had just purchased. Who knows how long it had been since the oil had been changed? Not pleasant. I love gravel roads….just not the dust.

  7. I washed my car Wednesday – it was in desperate need. And i always feel virtuous afterwards.

    • That’s because you are virtuous!

  8. What a magic little poetic entry. I need to do the same thing.

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