Posted by: chlost | June 6, 2012

A Facebook world

Today I found out just how much facebook has changed how things are done.

Postings on my page announced “____ has changed his status from ‘married’ to ‘single'”

Farther down my page there was a notice from his spouse that “____has changed his status from ‘married’ to ‘single'”.

This was all news to me. I had not spoken with them for a few months. And I knew that they had been having many life struggles: loss of employment, legal issues, death in the family, a move after a mortgage foreclosure.

But I hadn’t realized that they were struggling with their relationship.

Facebook provided me with that information.

We are in a new world, that’s for sure.

I guess that it saved a lot of painful, embarrassing phone calls. It avoided the rumor mill that in the “olden days” would have spread the word among friends and family who may not have received the news directly.

There was no dirty laundry being aired, no recriminations, angry blame being passed out.

They had simply changed their status. They are no longer married. They are now single.

Those status phrases define them.

Facebook has truly changed our world.

Still haven’t bought any stock?

Me neither.



  1. The social network is more negative to human growth than the way we were. God forbid you would walk down to your neighbor’s place and give them some home made chicken soup! People are really too obsessed with themselves these days.

  2. You’re right — Facebook has changed us … there are good things about it, and bad — which is true of most anything in life.

    I am not buying stock… yet.

  3. I was already divorced when I got my FB page but I deliberately did not list a status because I couldn’t bear the idea of people watching me move in and out of relationships. (Somehow, on my blog it felt okay.)

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