Posted by: chlost | September 18, 2012

A quickie

On Thursday (the 13th) I had my knee replacement surgery. I was sent home on Sunday.

Overall, I am doing pretty well. I know that the hard part just started from all reports, but I have to say that the pain is less that I had expected. In fact, my pain is very well managed… well that my biggest issue has to do with side effects from the pain medication. I have been very light-headed, a little loopy, and have had absolutely no appetite.

Apparently this is the result of the pain medication that I am taking. I am not brave enough to stop the medication completely, so I will be cutting back on it to prevent or reduce the side effects (which include constipation, nausea, dehydration and other miscellaneous curative blockers). Who would think that the biggest roadblock to healing from this major surgery would be poop?

Enough. I will check in again.




  1. Miralax. Mix it in liquids. Take your pain meds. It will do the rest. Just recovered from hiatal hernia repair and took it until pain meds were stopped. It;s an OTC preparation. Very gentle. Trust me, I’m a nurse!

  2. I’m glad the pain meds are doing the trick. k8edid is right; Miralax works…my kids are on low does of this because they have constipation issues. Hope your recovery continues to go well đŸ™‚

  3. Dried fruit. Seriously. And as soon off the opioids as possible.

    Hope the recovery is quick.

  4. After my surgery last year I would take a stool softener with the pain meds. It seemed to balance things reasonably well. When you get back on your feet come and get the nickel tour of the farm.

  5. I am eager to read more about your recovery, from tight bowels to weaning off pain meds to rehab. All my best thoughts to you…may this be the first step in a big improvement in your daily life.

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