Posted by: chlost | November 6, 2012

Consider contingency plans

The results of the election will not satisfy approximately half the country.

There is a chance, no matter how slim you feel it may be, that you will not be happy with the results of this election. So, what to do if your candidate doesn’t win today?

I have always told my kids that I want to live in Europe at some point of my life. They think that I am kidding.

I’m not.

If Mitt Romney wins the Presidency, I am seriously thinking of moving out of the country for a few years…..maybe four to begin with, then we can re-assess and decide what to do after that. In my mind, I have pictured myself in France, the UK, Prague, even Greece. But yesterday, I found a different option.


It warrants serious consideration.

You have to understand, I currently live in a place that is only about 6 hours’ drive from the Canadian border. An easy exit if necessary after the results of today’s election. The plane tickets would be much cheaper than to France. Plus, most of Canada speaks a form of English, eh? And it might feel almost like Paris in Quebec. Canada is a constitutional monarchy, the citizens are subjects of the Queen of England…..part of the UK.  The best of both worlds. And I am already used to the weather.

Check it out. The link above has all of the necessary information about emigrating to Canada. The article cites marrying a Canadian as one of the easiest methods to become a permanent Canadian resident.  Unfortunately, if I have to take Merle with me, I suppose that I won’t be an option for me.  No polygamy listed as a possibility, but I could check on that.

Come on! We all support the same candidate, and we will all be equally unhappy if the results go the wrong way. We could emigrate together and share the sorrow as we live it up in Canada. We could watch from afar as the consequences take effect. As the citizenry realizes they’ve been had, we could be lifting a cold Moosehead beer and singing Oh, Canada! at the hockey arena.

I’m just sayin’.

Just in case.



  1. We could have a whole expat community integrating into their culture! O! Canada, we stand on guard for thee!

  2. Bienvenue au Canada. Oui beaucoup parlent un anglais. Nous désirons aimer et de nouveaux investissements. Great post. J’ai bien aimé l’humour. Passez une bonne journée splendide.

  3. I have one friend living in Prague. You could go live with her. 🙂

  4. I hear you loud and clear. That’s what I thought 4 years ago, but my candidate won. You might find me lifting a Moosehead, but you’ll never see me in a hockey arena! 😉

  5. I’ve considered Australia. I would do Canada, but I’m a Southerner and really a weenie about being cold.

  6. Your political posts are killing me (in a good way!)

    The race is close. No matter what, half the country is going to wonder what the other half was thinking. I’ve half-joked about moving to Canada as well. (If we go by proximity, I should be looking at the Mexico border – it’s about 3 hours away- but things get crazy there.)

    It’s looking like we’re not going to get a new sheriff in town, so I may have to survey my options. Or form a contingency plan, as you say 🙂

  7. At this writing Obama has held onto the White House and Romney has made his concession speech. So don’t pack your bags just yet!

    When Bush won a second term a buddy of mine actually wrote to the government of Canada asking what the requirements were for becoming a citizen. Since his entire income is from retirement, he would not be granted permanent residence or citizenship status.

    Earlier this evening I had the same thoughts as you, though… I was eying New Zealand.

    I’m expecting to sleep well tonight, hope you do as well.

  8. Looks like we can stay!

  9. More than anything, the attitude you express here indicates how hostile our country would feel (at least to us Lefties) under the current version of the Republican Party. Interestingly, for those on the Right, I suspect their feeling about the country under Obama isn’t that it feels “hostile” but more that it feels like a disappointment. That, right there, is the difference in tone that the Republicans bring to their discourse.

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