Posted by: chlost | November 11, 2012

The eleventh of the eleventh of the twelfth

November in the northland. It is nothing if not unpredictable. In fact, I can never predict its arrival.

I have lived here nearly all of my life. You would think that I would have become used to it by now. But every year, it seems to catch me by surprise.

Suddenly I realize that it is getting dark earlier each day. The leaves are off the trees. The grass no longer needs to be mowed. The flower pots are sprouting dead stalks in dry dirt.

One day I realize that it is Halloween. The kids march down our long driveway, shove a bag, pillowcase or small plastic pumpkin toward our door and expect them to be filled with candy. The following day it will be November.

November. We expect it to be cold, windy, with a mix of rain and snow. It is the precursor to our January subartic paradise. I can’t imagine that anyone looks forward to November. If not for Thanksgiving and the four-day holiday accompanying it, there would be nothing good about it. But it rolls around every year at the same time.

Despite its regular appearance on the calendar, the month of November sneaks up on me every year.

It doesn’t help that yesterday it was 69F here. September weather. Okay, I can accept that it is already September.

Last night we had thunderstorms. Lots of lightning, heavy rain. August weather. I can agree that it could be August by now.

This morning, though, we awakened to true November. Cold, Windy. Snow flurries. Maybe it is not August or even September any longer.

It can’t really be November, can it? It certainly can’t be….wait…..November 11th.

Thanksgiving is just over one week away. That means Christmas is………

Just over a MONTH away?

How did this happen?

You would think that I’d figure this out after all of these years.

Whether it is stupidity, optimism, or obliviousness, I just haven’t learned.

Gah!!!!  Did you realize that it’s  November?



  1. I know it intellectually, but we have yet to feel it here. High of 70 this weekend – more early October-like. But I don’t remember ever getting snow here before December.

  2. Thanksgiving less than two weeks away???!! I thought you had to be mistaken, but you aren’t. Can’t breathe…where’s that paper bag?

    I’m not ready for this time of year. But ready or not, it’s here.

  3. I know exactly how you feel. I am always surprised by these year-end holidays. Surprised and unprepared.

  4. Well put! I think I made that exclamation at at least twice/day for the past week … “Its almost Thanksgiving!” Nope … not ready for Thanksgiving either … and definitely not for Christmas. Hope to make it memorable somehow!

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