Posted by: chlost | January 27, 2013

Seeing double?

There is an old saying that somewhere in the world, there is a double for everyone. There are a few people who share my name, even though it is an unusual one. But I have always found the idea of a physical double very intriguing.

So how do I find my double?

Obviously, my double is not a native of Japan or China. I doubt that my double would have been born in Egypt or India. By eliminating about 75% of the world’s population as a possible source of my double, what are the chances that such a person really exists? Maybe my double lived generations ago, or is yet to be born. How would I ever know?

There is a photographer who has been collecting photos of strangers who look like twins. Francois Brunelle Has produced a project in which he photographs people who look remarkably alike. He has shown in both Canada and London.

Some of the photos are here, as well.

I urge you to follow the links. The people in the photos are look-alikes in the sense of being twins. I cannot imagine the feeling to see another person, a stranger, who looks exactly like me.

Maybe one of the subjects in the photos looks like you. If you know of a physical double of yours (other than a twin), maybe you should be part of the project.

And if you know what I look like-only a few bloggers do–and you see my double, let me know!!



  1. My older son insisted that he saw his doppleganger on the beach one summer. I once saw a boy who was a dead ringer for my little brothers, except that he was mixed-race. But to me, it stands to reason that in any given area, where there might be a large population of people who share certain physical characteristics, that there would be people who look strikingly similar. There are only so many ways a face can look. And I went through those photos, some looked fairly twinnish, some much less so to me. I don’t, howveer, think it makes scientific sense that everyone has a non-related “twin” out there.

  2. Very interesting. thanks for sharing!

  3. This post made me think of the first time I met a woman with the same name as mine. We just stood and stared at each other! It was a very odd feeling. Since then, I’ve met one more person with the name and corresponded with a fourth. Thanks for your post . . . .

    • That is amazing that you correspond with someone with your name. How did you connect?

      • Someone emailed me, admiring one of my quilts. From the description, I knew it wasn’t MY quilt! So I googled my name and quilts and found this person and, by golly, she makes gorgeous quilts . . . . .

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