Posted by: chlost | January 28, 2013

View of the world from a three-year-old’s eyes

Our three-year old granddaughter absolutely loves to take photos. I always have my little digital camera in my purse. When we are with her, I am nearly always taking photos of the granddaughters. She invariably wants to use my camera to take photos, too.

It is the beauty of a simple point and shoot camera (Panasonic Lumix 8x) that it is so easy to use that a child can do so. No settings, no focusing. And in our digital age she can take many, many bad photos which are simply deleted. The only thing that is used is battery life. It is a rechargeable battery, so even that is not a problem. I vividly remember taking photos as a child. I would anxiously wait for the film to be developed from the drugstore, and excitedly open the envelope so I could see the masterpiece photos I had taken. But they never looked the way I thought they would. There were rolls and rolls of film which ended up as very bad photographs. My parents did not want to continuously pay for photos that were just thrown away. They discouraged me from wasting film.

I let my granddaughter shoot as many photos as she likes.

It is very interesting to see the world from the viewpoint of a three-year-old. She does take photos of people, but many times she just shoots the things around her.

The Photographer photographs herself

The Photographer photographs herself


Big sister

Big sister

Kitchen at home

Kitchen at home

The photographer's foot

The photographer’s foot


The playroom rug

The playroom rug

Big sister and spaghetti

Big sister and spaghetti



A compositional strap (attached to the camera taking the photo)

A compositional study….camera strap (attached to the camera taking the photo)

Uncle J wiping his face with napkin at family restaurant outing

Uncle J wiping his face with napkin at family restaurant outing


Artificial flowers at restaurant

Artificial flowers at restaurant









Still life....toy horse on the floor

Still life….toy horse on the floor

I love that the kitchen photo is clearly from the height of a three-year old’s eyes. When we are out and about, at restaurants, visiting friends and family, on an outing, she will take photos. She loves to look at them on the playback screen, and excitedly shows them to anyone who will look at them. Her sister loves to use the camera as well, but will lose interest long before her younger sister.

It may just be the proud grandma in me, but sometimes her perspective amazes me. I have to remind myself that she is just three. Her mother has a wonderful artistic eye for photography, and it would seem that this daughter has inherited that.

This is my middle granddaughter, a tow-headed beauty. I try to never post a recognizable photo of her on the internet, but believe me, she has the face of an angel. She also has a pretty serious speech problem-she is seeing a speech pathologist right now-it is very difficult to understand her when she talks.

Her photos don’t need her to explain them in order to enjoy them.

When she is done taking the photos she wants, she has me turn off the camera, and she puts it back in my purse. When I get home, I have a lot of fun looking through the photos that she took. I get a whole new way to see whatever we did that day.

Oh,how I love this little girl!



  1. What a creative and cool concept for a post. Love this.

  2. I always enjoy the photos my grandchild takes. Children have such a different perspective.

    • Seeing the world through their eyes is very interesting.

  3. She has a great eye! A Pro-photographer in the making!

    I live the Big Sister & Spaghetti photo!

    • That means a lot, coming from a photographer. Thanks-

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