Posted by: chlost | February 7, 2013

Sister to the rescue

My daughter’s wedding ceremony is in 6 months. Almost to the day.

She doesn’t have a wedding dress.

We did go on one wedding dress shopping trip. When Merle and I visited Nebraska a few weeks ago. It was pretty much a disaster.

So, what does one do when your daughter’s feeling overwhelmed by the wedding industry’s insistence on a “princess” wedding, you hate to shop, and you’re just six months away from a destination wedding?

You call your sister-obviously.

My sister loves to shop. Her daughter loves to shop. Each of them have more clothes in their closets than I have owned in my entire life.  Both of them have very good taste.

My sister is thrilled to be involved. She is excited to help. She can’t wait to have us there to take over this mission.

She is my younger sister……just imagine the dynamics if she were the older sister.

So, I have booked a flight to Chicago for a girls’ weekend wedding dress shopping trip. I took a vacation day. I bought my daughter’s ticket from Nebraska and we are arriving in Chicago tomorrow afternoon. My sister has booked 4 appointments for wedding dress shopping on Saturday. My daughter wanted only 3, but my sister just couldn’t limit it to that. She got married just a year ago, so she knows all of the “good places” to find a dress.

My hope is that we find something that my daughter feels wonderful in, that she feels beautiful for her wedding. Even if she is technically already married, this is the day that she is making her commitment to her husband in front of all of her friends and family. She is very tall, and not the princess type. She is very down-to-earth, and is very practical. She doesn’t want to spend more than $500 on this dress.

What chance is there of that?

It should be a good weekend if we don’t overwhelm her. She hates to be the center of attention, and gets very stubborn if someone pushes her beyond her comfort zone.

All I can do is cross my fingers and hope all goes well.

The hell with a princess. She is my only daughter-I want her to feel like a queen.




  1. I tried on 2 wedding dresses and bought the one in about ten minutes in the basement of a store that sold “fat girl” dresses. I gave birth to a pink and purple wearing glittery princess-type with extremely good and expensive taste who had a wedding binder for 3 years before she got married

    You will love through this! And it will, at least in retrospect, be one of the most wonderful times of your lives.

    Deep breath; chocolate; and god bless your sister!

  2. Oh, dear, I’m in the same boat. Also a couple of thousand miles apart from my daughter. And she has some money issues, as well as health issues, and isn’t communicating with anybody much about the wedding, but I know she is stressing out about it. But if she doesn’t talk about it, I can’t help her. I have health issues, so traveling there for shopping isn’t in the picture.

  3. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend: there is nothing like a common mission to bring people together. And you all sound sensitive enough not to crowd her:) Longing to know the result!

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