Posted by: chlost | February 18, 2013

I am taking them on-and I will win!

Blog friend Mark and his nemesis Steve have dived into a very spirited war  contest. They are competing against each other to see which can lose the most weight. So far, from what I can tell from my seat in the peanut gallery, they are both struggling. Despite their best efforts, they are neck and neck (so to speak).

It may be helpful to both of them to mix up this competition a bit. Perhaps they could use a little more serious competition. Maybe if there were to be a third competitor, someone who could push them to a higher level, they would be more successful in reaching their goal.

Or, perhaps that third competitor would leave them far behind, licking their wounds (or the creamy insides of an oreo cookie or two…..).

Now I will admit that I have never met Steve. In fact, until this contest between Mark and him, I had never visited his blog. I have met Mark. I think I have a pretty good idea of the relative strengths of each of them. I am not choosing sides in their little competition.

In fact, I have decided to make it interesting, as my father would say.

Yes, I have decided to throw my hat into the ring. I am officially joining this little game.

Be prepared, gentlemen. You are in the big league now.

Mark and Steve claim to be preparing for world domination.

Really? That is your goal?

I have a REAL goal. A goal that will be certain to motivate me to win.

My daughter’s wedding is on  August 10, 2013. And I plan to dance at that wedding. I am determined to lose the weight necessary to allow me to dance all night if the music is good.

With that goal in mind, I am jumping into their game and am determined to win.

I am not going to tell anyone what my starting weight is, and will only report my losses/gains. It’s my understanding that Mark and Steve are reporting this on an honor system weekly. I will follow that method as well.  As a former Girl Scout, you can trust me to be honest. Really. Truly.

So, Boys——Game on!

They began on Feb. 11th. So I will make my first report: In the past week I have lost 4 pounds.



  1. WOW! I have to admit you started off strong and have already put me to shame. I am guessing it is just beginner’s luck. Though you do have some serious motivation going there! Now that there is serious competition involved, I guess I have to start using the big weights (the toilet paper rolls are just not doing it)! Good luck!

  2. Give them a run for their money (you’ll burn tons of calories that way, too :)) Good luck!

  3. Good for you! And the added competition can only help your friends, I’ll bet. (Going over to check out those sites now.)

  4. The game is on Sister! You have jumped out to a formidable lead…… the moment……………enjoy it while u can………… cause two middle-aged fat men are now going to be starving themselves in order to pass you back up……….. 🙂

  5. I feel that Mark is a formidable opponent. He did ride a bicycle clear across the USA. But then he is now up against woman power – go girl!

  6. Good for you!

    If you can fit it into your budget, I’d reccommend Weight Watchers Online… it’s so easy, there are no meetings or check-ins. It’s easy to keep track of what you eat.

    I lost 25 lbs just like that! Then another 10 that took a little longer, since the first few pounds are always the easiest… but, it was worth it.

    Good luck!

  7. You are awesome and will benefit from not only motivation but also public accountability–because NOW WE ALL WANT TO KNOW THE DETAILS. So: what changes are you making that are resulting in the loss? Do tell!

  8. Ah, now it is getting interesting! You are all strongly motivated – I shall watch with fascination. On the same journey myself, but not with competition, not brave enough! Bring it on:)

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