Posted by: chlost | February 25, 2013

The Pudge Report

It was not a great week for weight loss. As part of the competition with Steve and Mark, I must report my progress each Monday. Unfortunately, no progress here……I am hopeful that I can maintain the lead in this “friendly” contest. I haven’t checked their reports yet.

There are reasons  excuses that I have for my backward slide this week.

At the beginning of the week. I tweaked my back while reaching in to get laundry out of the dryer. Bend down, twist and reach…….and then 5 days sitting on a heating pad, eating Advil. As of today, the back  is feeling a bit better. I took a walk with Merle-maybe about 3/4 of a mile, according to him. Seemed much farther than that to me.

A day of so later, I ran out of one of my medications. It took two days to get the prescription figured out between my doctor and pharmacy. In the meantime, I got a migraine. I left work early, went home and went to bed. I felt rough around the edges for two days. Picture:   lying in bed, with a heating pad on my back, the pillow over my eyes to block out light.

This week I will redouble my efforts. I am anticipating better weather, which allows me to be outdoors for walking. I have found a great organic yogurt to keep the calories down.

This week I may have lost a battle.

But the war continues.

I’m determined to win the war.

Okay, Mark a nd Steve, this is your week to pull into the lead-temporarily! Enjoy it while it lasts!!

This week: gained 2 lbs.

Net for contest:   lost 2 lbs.



  1. The reality of weight loss is everything you write here–happy “wheee” stretches interrupted by life, rearing up. Your resolute attitude is the thing that will get you back to “wheee.” What a great attitude!

  2. What a rough week, sympathies from here. But the boys had better watch out for next week – I can feel the bit between the teeth.

  3. It’s only a small setback. I know you will continue to succeed in your contest.

  4. Yes, most weeks my loss is so Tiny that I get discouraged. Wednesday is my day to weigh.

  5. Still have me beat by far. Hmmmm

    • Yeah, well we all know things aren’t over yet. What happened to old Mark? I have a feeling his baseball tour may help us.

      • I was thinking the same thing. He is keeping quiet right now. 🙂

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