Posted by: chlost | April 13, 2013

Baby MOBs

As I believe I have mentioned-repeatedly, our daughter is getting married in August.

Although our youngest son was married nearly 6 years ago, this time things are different because we are donating a daughter to the wedding festivities. I am learning a lot about being the Mother of the Bride. First thing I learned, is that the term is capitalized. My anticipated role is also commonly referred to as the MOB. (Interesting choice of letters, don’t you think?)

Apparently, the M-O-B is expected to wear a nice D-R-E-S-S.

First of all, I do not do dresses. I also don’t do shorts, skirts, capris or swimsuits. When I am at work, I wear nice slacks and a blouse or top with a blazer. My shoes are always flats. When I am not at work, I wear jeans or a wonderful pair of yoga pants that I just discovered after my surgery. Certainly not the stuff of which MOB attire is made.

The shopping has now officially begun. I hate shopping.

As I searched websites, one after another, after a numbingly similar another, one fact started to stick out.

All of the models featured for the Mother of the Bride dresses are…….20 years old! If you think I am exaggerating, just check that link.

Now I am really depressed.



  1. I don’t do dresses either. When both of my daughters got married I wore dressy black pants and a very dressy top. It worked.

    • I am glad to hear that I am not alone on this thing with dresses. Right now I am beginning to look for a long skirt or slacks to wear with a fancy top. We’ll see. Thanks for stopping in to chat.

  2. How about this one?

    But on a serioius note, google search for MOB pants suits. There are conservative, elegant, and froo-froo out there. Some of the prices appear reasonable too. I hope to have your problem some day.

    • Love that outfit. The hat makes it. I think I am leaning to a long skirt or slacks. It’s an arduous task, but I will figure out something. Thanks for the hint.

  3. Whe Andrew married,I bought and wore a long lavender dress with dyed-to-match shoes and clutch for ten hours and then sent the entire ensemble off to the rummage sale, writing it off as one of the sacrifices one makes for one’s child (or said child’s lovely intended).

    • Yes, I want to do this for them. I did wear a dress for my son’s wedding, but it was not fancy, nor did it look good on me. There is something out there for me. I just have to force myself to find it.

  4. You’re right – those models did age well 🙂 Would be nice if they actually used realistic models (both weight and age.) Thank goodness I’ll only be a MOG and not a MOB – I don’t think I could take the pressure. Good luck on your shopping adventure!

    • Exactly-I wish they would use some realistically aged and sized people to show how these things might really look. Appreciate the good wishes….I need all that I can get!

  5. Don’t bow to some nonsensical tradition (the MOB dress) that is painful to you and holds no genuine meaning. You aren’t the focus that day–I mean, you know that!–so just be comfortable. I like this idea of a MOB pantsuit. The last thing I’d want for anyone in my family is for them to spend money on something they don’t really like, that makes them uncomfortable, that they’ll never wear again. The day is supposed to be fun!

    • I should have been clear that this is something that I am putting on myself, my daughter is not putting it on me. She has a very simple but gorgeous dress. She has not said anything to me about what she wants me to wear. I would just really like to look good in the photos and around the guests. It is an outdoor wedding in a spectacular setting. We will definitely have fun, no matter what!

  6. I love dresses, especially summer dresses. So much easier than pairing things up. Aren’t there days where you live when it’s just too bloody hot to wear long pants?

    Not that I’ll ever be a mother of a bride. Can’t mothers of the groom also wear nice dresses? I do agree with the others that it would be fine to wear dressy pants and a bluse if that suits you better, though.

    And apparently the models all belong to a culture that practice infant marriage.

    • If I looked like most other women, I may prefer dresses as well. But I hate the way I look in a dress or shorts, etc. Plus, for the foreseeable future I have a huge red scar down one knee from my surgery, so it is even less pleasant than usual to see my legs-no matter how hot it may get. MOG’s can absolutely wear dresses! You can look forward to that.

  7. Not that you need the input, but I agree with the ladies above. Wear comfortable. Have fun. Buy something you can use again. Simple slacks with a dressy top would look wonderful.

    • I am thinking that I will go with the slacks/skirt option. I just want to look good for her wedding. It’s a selfish thing. I really appreciate the advice/support that all of you are providing.

  8. I wore blue silk trousers and made a long silk tunic top out of some Indian material which was a matching blue with narrow gold edging down the sides. I felt really comfortable in it and could relax during the day. No high heels, hem lines or tights to worry about:)

    • That sounds perfect…..I wish I could sew!

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