Posted by: chlost | May 7, 2013

Party on! I’ll just be over here taking a little nap…..


It is Tuesday and I feel as though I am still recovering from a whirlwind weekend. It was full of family, parties and fun.

It must be that I am getting old. I had a great time, but I was exhausted by Sunday night.

My daughter and her husband/fiance were visiting for the weekend. My sister and her husband came up for the weekend as well. We had a wedding shower/brunch for family here on Saturday morning and early afternoon. My sister and I took my daughter shopping as a ruse, while the rest of the family set up a surprise 30th birthday party for her later in the afternoon. We met at a bowling alley with ice cream cake. She was completely surprised. I think it is only fair that someone has a surprise party and they are actually surprised. In a good way. She mentioned a couple of times that she had never had a surprise party. She really enjoyed it.

We had a lot of fun bowling. There was a small ramp for the littles to push the bowling ball down to the alley, and bumper pads along the alley to give them a chance to knock down some pins. They had never bowled. And oh, did they love it. The two-year-old essentially adopted a bright green bowling ball. She carried it around with both arms and didn’t want to let it go. She dropped it a couple of times, but luckily not on toes. The six- and four- year-old got very excited each time they had a turn. Very competitive, those two.

Bowlingballs on ball return

It was a great idea that our oldest son came up with to throw the party and to have a bowling party for the 30th. It allowed everyone to do something rather than being at a restaurant or other setting where we’d have to try to keep the little girls from getting too wild. They got very excited to see the Kentucky Derby on the television screens above the lanes. Each had a toy horse and pretended they were racing, too. The entire place was watching the race….cheering and yelling as the horses rounded the final turn.

Our daughter went from there to a dinner celebration with friends. We returned to our house and gave my mom a new tablet for Mother’s Day. My sister’s idea. My mom seemed a bit confused about it, but she was intrigued. She really wants to be able to email a friend of hers. My niece signed her up with facebook and got her a new email account. They got a kindle app and put their netflix account on it as well. I don’t have a tablet…..and I am very jealous of my 83-year-old mom!

The next morning we drove three hours to my cousin’s place. They had a party for my uncle and aunt’s 50th wedding anniversary. That was a surprise party as well. Both of them were quite surprised as they had told their children that they did not want a party. So, of course, it was not a party, but a gathering of friends and family. Our uncle is my dad’s younger brother. He reminds me so much of my dad. It was great to see him. He was very touched that we made the trip for them. The funny part is that their kids also got a tablet for them. My uncle has never even used a cell phone. He has never emailed, and I am pretty sure he doesn’t have a digital camera. The anti-tech guy. But I think he loved the tablet. Again, the kids set up a facebook account for them, an email, and a few other apps. Both my uncle and aunt as well as my mom were very reassured that they can not mess anything up while using it. They were chatting about how they were told that all they had to do was find the little house icon to return to the home page and things would start over. All of them had used computers in the past which would lose data or mess up with mistakes made by the user. Great innovation these tablets.

Our daughter and her dog are staying the week. Her husband/fiance returned home Sunday for work. She has a telecommuting job and can work from anywhere. She tells us that she will be coming up a few times over the summer for a week as she can work from here. Merle is suspicious of this and wonders whether there is something wrong. I am just happy that we will have some time with her. I am taking a few days off while she is here.

Today our daughter turned 30 and I spent the day with her.

Nothing better.

And I’ve almost recovered from the weekend.



  1. That does seem like a fun but exhausting weekend! I think I need a nap after only reading about it. A bowling party was a great idea – even better that your daughter was actually surprised by it. A lot of times, someone lets the cat out of the bag with surprise parties (in my family, it’s usually me, because I’m a horrible liar.)

  2. Oh what fun it all sounds! And it went well. without people getting too overwrought or fractious. Sounds heavenly. But soooo tiring. I would need a week in bed to recover. And now time with your daughter at home too. How lovely. These family connections are so precious and you and your family clearly value them: i am so pleased for you all. Enjoy:)

  3. How blessed you are to have family to spend valuable time with. I think it would be invigorating, not tiring. Hope you remember to take pictures at such events..lots of them.

  4. What fun. You know, I can’t even remember the last time I bowled. Maybe as a teen.

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