Posted by: chlost | May 11, 2013

Attacked by a glacier

We are on the cusp of spring. Green in some places. A little cool most days, but pleasant when the sun is out. The wood ticks are thick. The mosquitoes are still in limbo, it’s a bit cold for them yet. No mowing yet.

It is a holiday weekend here. You may not celebrate it. It is a religious holiday, after all.

The Fishing Opener.

After pro sports, fishing is the big religion in this area. Oh, wait. There is pro fishing, as well.

Each year, the Governor hosts a weekend fishing trip on the opening weekend of the fishing season. This year, most of the lakes in the favorite fishing areas are still at least partially frozen. The die-hards are still out there. The poor Fish They must be really confused. It’s still winter to them.

It has been relatively warm, so the ice is beginning to melt off the lakes in certain areas. There is still a lot of ice in other areas of the lakes. Today, it was very windy. This resulted in a very unusual occurrence.

The water and the wind began to push the ice on to land. This resulted in a mini glacier effect.

Here is video of this not-so-glacial movement of ice onto the shore of one of our largest and most popular lakes, Mille Lacs. Note the ice crystals breaking off into 6-8 in. long crystal chandelier-like pieces. The souuds are like millions of pieces of glass shattering.!

With any luck, we will have summer by the Fourth of July.

***Obviously I can’t figure out how to post the videos here, but the links will take you to the videos. Someday I will figure it out.****



  1. We are finally getting some spring here in Denver, also. I think the snows we’ve had the past few weeks killed most of the flowers … except the dandelions.

  2. I noticed they were having the first fishing tournament of the year at the lake where I walk last month. It’s a religion around here, too.

    That glacier advancing is like something out of an end of the world horror movie.

  3. The contrast is still amazing to me. I’m sitting here at 6:00 am – outside temp 70. Spring is over and summer gaining supremacy. Watching a recently filmed video of “Invaders of the Ice” happening just a days drive away.

  4. Good gracious! How perfectly extraordinary. What got me was the speed at which it travelled, and the noise! Thanks for the video links. We have had one lovely week of Spring, but that appears to be it for now. Back to gales, rain, hail and putting the heating back on:( Hope you get some relief soon.

  5. That creeping ice video was crazy. What a helpless feeling to watch as it creeps toward your house!

    I can’t imagine such a late/short warm season, but I have a co-worker who used to live in Minnesota and he has talked about the two months of summer. Hope it warms up for your soon (and that you aren’t attacked by ice!)

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