Posted by: chlost | May 19, 2013

Here is green, there is green, everywhere it’s green

Variations of green

We have every one of these shades, and more…. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Green. Lots and lots of green.


It is amazing to me to see all of the shades and variations on the color green, just by looking out the front window. From the grass to the evergreens, and everything in between.

Now THIS is what I’ve been yearning to see over the past 5 months!

We don’t have much other color in the view yet, although the white dogwoods have bloomed, and the crabs are almost there. For those lucky folks who have them, the tulips are blooming. All of mine-all 99-were chomped to the ground by the deer, and those that weren’t killed by that were eaten by a gopher this past winter.

Soon, everywhere there will be a riot of colors against the background of greens.

All winter, we enjoy seeing the river-the Mississippi-at the back of our yard. Now, we can’t see it at all. Within just the past two days, the varied shades of green of the trees and bushes has totally filled the frame of our backyard “painting”, so that there is no longer a silver blue streak of water visible.

Now at dusk, it is humid-the rains of the day still drip in the air. Not a whisper of a breeze. In the stillness, the birds call to each other from far away, the message being passed along, finally to birds nearby, then back again up the river. Occasionally, there is a whistle in the distance of the trains passing a few miles away. In the western sky, the lingering colors of sunset reflect pink and purple on the undersides of the clouds which hang on the horizon.



Can a soul smile?



  1. At last!! I am so pleased for you. May you have a lovely Spring and Summer:)

  2. Yay for finally thawing out! OUr Spring is finally here… though some May snow storms killed off many flowers, so there’s not much color other than the tress, which are finally starting to leaf… It’s a nice feeling.

  3. This sounds beautiful. It’s so hard to imagine that spring is just now arriving to some places.

    I’m sorry your tulips didn’t make it, but I’m sure the deer appreciate your effort and are hoping you do the same next year 🙂

  4. I just love it when the greens come in fully.

  5. You’ve painted a beautiful mind picture. Thank you!

  6. I think a soul can smile; that’s absolutely how I feel when green starts coming in..and then a few flowers start popping their varieties of colors, and my knees get weak with joy. I wonder if there are studies about human reactions to color (after a long absence of color); the psychology of it feels like it’s rooted in evolution and biology as much as emotion.

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