Posted by: chlost | September 15, 2013

Catch up


It’s been over 2 months since I posted here. A very busy two months.

Since then, our family has endured a vacation/wedding, a surgery, a mystery infection, an affair, marital separation, marital reconciliation, an engagement, and…..nope I guess that’s it.

I would not have survived anything more.

For the sake of my superstitious nature, I do not want to know “What else could happen?”. The answer would likely be more than we could ever imagine.

However, in summary, they’re married, she’s doing fine, she’ll be fine, they’re struggling but fingers are crossed, and they are very happy, as are we. Perhaps a September wedding this time?

I’m not sure whether I will get back to writing here regularly, but I will try. I do miss it. I am hopeful things will calm down a bit now.

Of course, the holidays are not far away now.



  1. Well, sounds much more interesting than all the rain we’ve been getting 🙂

    Hope things settle for a while, to let you rest and catch your breath….

  2. Holy cow, that’s a long list of stuff. Here’s hoping you are blessed with boredom for a while.

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  3. My need to know details has me trying to fill in all sorts of blanks that are none of my business (this is a life problem for me), so suffice it to say, all the best to all the involved characters, and I’m very glad you, yourself, are intact and happy.

    Now, lie down for an hour and put your feet up.

  4. Maybe now you can get on with your life as you knew it. And summer is over as we just had our first frost. Take a breather and then go from there.

  5. It does sound like you have been busy. I hope things calm down for you…sounds like you might need a rest!

  6. Gosh! I can only wish the best to all involved and hope that life becomes less complicated very soon. Sounds a little like my summer, only more so. Is there something about summer – warmer weather, fewer clothes, more time together, getting out and about more? I hope you are not feeling too frazzled and can look forward to some relaxation soon.

  7. What’s that curse? May you live in interesting times?

  8. I believe the best blogging happens from boredom. When life is whipping up with all sorts of amazing or astonishing events, there’s no time to even consider what to say. Glad you are back even for a little bit.

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