Posted by: chlost | January 2, 2014


You may have read the news reports about the weather.

Apparently there is going to be some cold temperatures.

And it is going to snow.

It is January. In the upper Midwestern United States.

This morning it was -13F as I drove to work. It is predicted to be in the -20F (or colder) range over the next several days.

This is the coldest weather we have had here in about 9 years.

Cold feet. Cold hands. Cold nose.

High heat bills. Car problems. Water problems. Cranky people stuck indoors.

If I remember correctly, I vowed to move away from this frozen hell around 9 years ago. I am still here.

I was born here. My family is here. It’s hard for people my age to find a job in a new place. That’s my excuse list. I am hoping to enjoy a winter of palm trees, green grass and flowers at some time in my life.

January on a beach. With a little umbrella-topped beverage. Listening as the ocean waves bring in the tide. Turning the pages of a book.

Dream on………



  1. This is shaping up to be the coldest winter we have had in a long time, too. Forecast is for snow Saturday/Sunday and temps in single digits. Brrrrrr.

  2. I can sympathize … we had a week of below-zero temps earlier last month. One night it got down to -15 or -18F, and during the day we were lucky if we reached zero-degrees.

    Stay warm … be safe.

    • Thanks. I am planning to go out as little as possible. I sympathize with anyone working outdoors in this. Very dangerous.

  3. Maybe when you retire you can become a Snowbird and live in Minnesota in the summer, and warmer climate in the winter. (In my twenty-five years in Phoenix, I can tell you population increases during October-April…and I see a lot of Minnesota and Ohio license plates 🙂 ) I hope you manage to stay warm…I can’t begin to imagine how cold -20 feels. Or do you feel anything at all at that point??

    • Being a snowbird is my husband’s dream. I love Minnesota summers for the most part, but I wouldn’t miss them if we just all out moved somewhere warm. I don’t need to come back. If only my kids and grandkids could come along.

  4. I know just how you feel and here it is not nearly as cold as with you. I have been looking at cheap little cottages in France with the fantasy of having somewhere to go for a couple of months in the worst of the winter. And fantasy it will remain, but it cheers me up – daydreaming through the bad weather.

    • A cottage in France! Can I join your fantasy? That sounds absolutely perfect!

      • Come on in and join the fantasy! It is bijou, sweet, warm and full of flowering geraniums, quiet squares with cats dozing in the sunshine and morning glory flowers twining round the outside of the bars and cafes. The beach is white sand under pine trees and only fifteen minutes away and I am in bliss. Even more so with friends coming round to join me:)

  5. Oh, I could go for a tropical beach right now!

    • Just pull your beach chair up next to mine.

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