Posted by: chlost | January 4, 2014

Sisters, Inc.

One of the best parts of living with my granddaughters is that I get to spend quite a bit of time…..with my granddaughters. They are, of course, amazing.

Today I have seen the future for our oldest granddaughter. She is 6 (and a half). She is truly an oldest child. Her sisters are her minions. And this morning she ran the board meeting of Sisters Incorporated as only a seasoned CEO of such an organization could do.

I was lucky enough to have been invited to the meeting. It was held in our upstairs office. Obviously. Meetings are always held in an office. It seemed my role was to be an observer.

The younger sisters (ages 4 and 2-each with an additional half as well) and I sat on the edge of the bed, while our fearless leader stood before us and convened the meeting. She had an agenda. Of that there was no doubt. Hand gestures accompanied her brief welcome and introduction to the meeting. Very professional.

As she stood there, she explained her goal of figuring out a surprise for “momma and daddy”. This required several decisions to be made.

First, she asked for hands to be raised by anyone who had an idea. Of course, it turned out that everyone had an idea, and she called upon each separately to hear those ideas. Each raised her hand to be heard, and explained the idea as best as possible within the limits of age and speech abilities. Once a vote had been taken, it was determined that a secret breakfast surprise would be made for momma in the morning. Of course a complication arose in that daddy would be at work, so plans had to be worked out as to how to save his surprise breakfast for later.

It was determined that my role was to cook the breakfast. Oh, wait, I mean I was to assist with the cooking. Of course, it also would be necessary that my role include a trip to the grocery store to purchase the fruit which they’d voted to include.

Since this was her idea, it was decided-by her- that she would need to go to the grocery store with me. To be sure I made the proper choices, of course.

At that point, the minions began to show the limitations of age and attention span. It is very hard to keep order in an important meeting while attendees are crying, jumping up and down and opening desk drawers and then slamming them shut.

Warren Buffet would have been hard pressed to keep things on task. She did at least as well.

So, the plan is in place.

A bit of a complication has arisen, however. It appears that someone has spilled the beans, and momma and daddy have found out the secret plan. They are good sports, so I can’t imagine that they applied any nefarious means to get that information.

You just can’t totally trust the minions, I suppose.

I’m looking forward to breakfast in a way that I never would have when it was just Merle and I in the house.

I’m sure that the next meeting of Sisters, Inc. will include a full report on the results of the breakfast surprise plan.

(I’ll be the mole and report back)






  1. I hope someone records these meetings for Santa’s “good list” for next Christmas. They sure have a head start going.

    • Oh, yes, they are very, very good…….so far!

  2. It sounds both fun and exhausting. I don’t think I’m ready for grandchildren yet. I’m still worn out by the demands of almost-grown children.

    • You’re right in that the fun does get exhausting sometimes. Best part is, it is a part-time job. I can usually take a break if needed. Grandchildren are great once you get used to the idea of being a grandparent!

  3. Oh, I love the Sister Organization! Your oldest granddaughter sounds very much like my oldest daughter. She is still in charge and whips her brother and sister into shape for celebrating anniversaries and such. I would have liked to been a fly on the wall for your breakfast!

    • Yes, I picture her keeping everyone in line her entire life. The breakfast was great. Momma enjoyed it a lot.

  4. Reblogged this on Johnbalaya and commented:
    Because I just love, Love, LOVE this story … and I think you will too!

  5. Thanks, John.

  6. LOVE, love, love this! Of course, I am the oldest sister and my two younger sisters have been happy minions for all of their lives, we’re now 49-52. Wonderful story on so many levels.

    • Glad you enjoyed it. One of the things I enjoy most about having three granddaughters is watching their relationship. I was the oldest of three sisters, as well. My youngest brother never really figured us out.

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