Posted by: chlost | January 8, 2014

Nine digits-and a dash-perfect!

Note: I have been away from WordPress for several months. In my absence, apparently the method of inserting photos has changed. I have tried numerous times to insert photos on my posts, to no avail. If anyone can tell me what they H&*% they have done to this process, I would sincerely appreciate your assistance. In the meantime, I am reduced to inserting only links on my posts. Much less interesting. Sorry.

Parenting styles have changed throughout the years.

“Let them cry it out”. “Meet every need-don’t let them cry”.

“Feed on a schedule”. “Feed when hungry”

“Rock the baby to sleep”. “Allow the child to fall asleep on its own”

“Family bed” “Baby should sleep in a crib”

But did you know that in the early 20th century, you could mail your child? Yes, you could send a child through the US Mail.

Apparently, packages of fifty pounds or less could be sent through the parcel post system. It was cheaper to send a child by parcel post than to buy a train ticket for the child.

Yes, you could send your child (or the child of someone else, presumably) through the U.S. Mail-Postmaster General Hitchcock received a letter from an individual seeking to obtain (adopt) a baby through the mail.

In fact, a few babies were sent through the postal system before the regulations were changed to prohibit the practice. Slap a few stamps on them, and pop them in the ol’ mailbag, and off they go to grandma and grandpa’s house for the summer.

You know, email just can’t compete on this one.



  1. I write my posts in Windows Live Writer and post from there, so I don’t have the answer I’m afraid.

  2. If you’re adding something from your computer:

    If you’re adding from Flickr:

  3. I saw that mailing kids thing on FB. Can you imagine?

  4. How extraordinary. One’s mind boggles at the possible, consequent complications! Food, nappies, change of address, recipients being away from home, babies kidnapped etc. etc.

  5. I saw that on FB this week–the “mail your child” thing, and my mind was blown. Little-known bits of history like that are such fun, aren’t they? I mean, unless you’re the child being mailed?

    I know WordPress has new versions that have come out in recent weeks/months, so have you updated to the newest version? I wonder if that could be behind your photo problem? I could try making you a little video that shows you what it looks like when I insert pictures into a post on my blog; I suspect the view would be different…but maybe not…

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