Posted by: chlost | January 29, 2014

Warming with a chance of tax

When I leave for work each morning I check the thermometer in the car. A few days ago, as I left the garage, it read 10F. As I drove toward work, it steadily went down, finally reaching -18F. Yesterday it started at 10F and dropped to -13. This morning, after starting at 10F in the garage, it went down as well. But it stopped a -5F. On the way home, the car’s thermometer registered 23F.

Without a negative sign in front of it!

Yes, here it is considered a heat wave at 23F. Balmy.

In Atlanta or other places in the South, they’re not enjoying temperatures in the 20s. For us, it’s a relief.

I went to the car wash and waited in line for nearly 15 minutes. Everyone’s car has been covered in dirt and salt. My car was so badly coated with salt that it looked white instead of dark brown. It’s amazing how great you can feel driving a clean, shiny car when everyone else is driving a dirty car.

Tonight as we drove home from dinner, I noticed that a young man was working outside in shirtsleeves.

With it being Groundhog Day on Sunday, perhaps there is some hope for Spring’s arrival very soon.

Of course, the very first sign of impending Spring is the sight of Uncle Sam or Lady Liberty holding tax preparation signs and dancing around on the streetcorners. When they dance, the daffodils can’t be too far away.



  1. Oh, you do type hopeful words! I’ve never before associated taxes and daffodils, but now I will, forever.

    It’s amazing how “normal” cold is such a welcome relief. I was giddy today.

    Thank you, too, for your kind, thoughtful, meaningful comments on the Jayne posts. They mean a lot.

    • They do go together well, don’t you think?
      Your Jayne postings were great.

  2. I’ve never seen a thermometer register a negative temperature (the couple years I lived in Denver, I was too young to pay attention to something like this.)

    Why did you have to remind me about taxes? I was doing a pretty good job of ignoring the stack of “important tax documents” envelopes piling up on my desk 🙂

    • Oh, it is nothing to strive for, to see that thermometer. I am crazy to be here.

  3. I feel so badly for those dancing Liberty statues. They must be freezing their torches off.

    • I assume that they are making minimum wage to do those dances in the winter cold. What a job.

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