Posted by: chlost | March 7, 2014

When the Queen of the Night gets into your head, she stays there

My daughter the vocal music major has moved back to town.

It’s only for a couple of months, but I am very happy. She is the child who will do things with me that my husband can’t. Merle just can’t bring  himself to do certain things, even for me He can’t go to a book reading. He can’t go clothes shopping for me .

And he positively, absolutely cannot go to an opera.

My daughter and I decided to see “The Magic Flute”. When my sons found out, they wanted to go as well. Seven of us-me, my children and the spouses/s.o.- will be sitting along the side balcony rail to hear this:

When I became certain that we would be going to the show, I found the youtube video to listen to the music. I was listening to the overture:

The tune is a bit catchy-in a classical music way. I mean, can an overture become an earworm?

When it is Mozart, the answer is yes, indeed it can. I found myself humming and whistling that overture to myself all day.

Later in the afternoon, I was crocheting. My granddaughter loves to “help” me with this. As we were sitting together, yarn wrapped around us, she began to hum the overture as well. She is not quite  7 years old.

Well, you can imagine my surprise. I asked her how she knew that song. “Oh, we listened to The Magic Flute” last year in school.

Keep this in mind. Kids brains are sponges. Not only did she listen, she remembered it, and remembered the name of it. From hearing it in her kindergarten class last year.

Merle will be watching the granddaughters while the rest of us are at the opera. Our granddaughter may sing it for him. As she told me, “I love the Magic Flute!”



  1. I hate to admit this, but I’m one of those people who just cannot do opera. Never have liked that style of singing. I like classical music though – this morning I woke up to hear my son playing Pachelbel’s canon on his violin. Nice way to wake up.

    • Most of opera is a bit of a test for me. But there are some, and some parts of, operas that I love the music. As a kid, a lot of the classical music pieces was included in cartoons. I don’t think that happens any more. Canon in is also one of my favorites.

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