Posted by: chlost | May 10, 2014


Tonight-last minute.of course-I went to the card shop in search of the perfect Mother’s Day card.

There are all types of cards these days, in an attempt to fit every mother and child relationship. I searched through all of the flowery sugar sweet cards, the ones for the person “who is just like a mother” and for the mother-in-law cards. Most were pretty lame.

But I found one that made me laugh out loud right there in the card shop. I had to buy it just to share it.


Now, to truly appreciate this, you have to understand that my mother worked for Planned Parenthood back in the day. Also, it helps to know that there has been more than one mother in our family who’s been “surprised” by her impending motherhood. It’s always turned out to be a wonderful surprise, however.

For the record, I got another card for my mom. I’m not actually giving this one to her.

Happy Mother’s Day-whether you were a “surprise” for your mom, or if you had a “surprise” (or two in our case) in becoming a mother. It is a great day to enjoy family.




  1. Surprise! Another version of that is, “I’m late,” usually followed by, “Late for what?” followed by the lightbulb moment and a gasp. Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. That card’s awesome. I’m not much for Mother’s Day, but I can get behind a good card!–Jocelyn

  3. Cute card. I always try to find mother’s day cards that don’t say much of anything.

  4. I am the fourth and last child. When I was born my three older siblings were 15, 14, and 11 years old. One day while I was being teased about being a “mistake” my mother said, “Oh no. She was the only one we planned!”

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