Posted by: chlost | September 14, 2014

Winter preparations–because it’s going to snow sooner than you think and then it will stay till spring

Fall slammed into us this week. High temperatures near 50f and lows in the mid-30f.
It is nearly mid-September. Why does this always catch me by surprise?

I love the fall season, but I hate it because winter is not far behind.

This year in particular-it has been a very short, cool summer.

So, I am trying to schedule things that I can look forward to while I wait out another winter.

****I’m planning a trip to Texas with the girlfriends again this year. Last year it was warmer than here, but we weren’t able to enjoy hot days at the beach. I am hoping that will be different this year.

****We are planning an anniversary trip (35 years!!!) in mid-October. Merle and I haven’t figured out yet where to go, but we have at least scheduled the time off at work. It will be a car trip, which we both enjoy. We may just point the car in some direction and go, then turn around half-way through the week. I’ve always wanted to do that. Merle, not so much-he’s a planner.

****We will be visiting our daughter and son-in-law in Philadelphia in the spring. We’d planned to visit them in October, but it didn’t work for them, as they both are traveling for work most of the month. We won’t see them over the holidays, so we have to get there in the spring.

****Over the holidays, it may just be Merle, me and my mom. As noted, our Philadelphia branch won’t be here, we anticipate that the grandkids will be with their other grandma, and the newlyweds will have a hard time figuring out new traditions. So Merle and I have begun to consider taking some time for ourselves around the holidays. Maybe we’ll visit my sister in Chicago, as her kids are all starting to find their own holiday activities as well!

My goal is to be busy this fall and winter. I want to make some blankets/throws for the Linus organization. I am trying to find some classes to enroll in….not even sure what I’d take.

Any suggestions to keep me busy are welcome!

There has to be a way to make winter pass by as quickly as summer does. There just has to be.




  1. Re-establishing “Holiday Traditions” is no easy task as families change and members take on lives of their own. I look back on the traditions of my childhood and teen years. At the time you think they will just go on forever. But the wheel goes round.

    • You’re right. We felt as though we’d already made adjustments, and now we are “readjusting”. It will take time. But I will always wish we could be together for the holidays.

  2. “I love the fall season, but I hate it because winter is not far behind.” Exactly! I do hate winter. Busy is good, though, and so are plans to look forward to. I have indoor organizational projects reserved for winter and I also tend to cook more.

    • Your DIY projects for your home are great. I can see that would make the winter go by faster for you. My organization chores tend to be last on the list of possible options.

  3. I would suggest some online MOOCs. You can go to Harvard or M.I.T. ,for example, on line for free. There are many hundreds of classes available. More serious pursuits of hobbies can eat up the cold time, as well. If anything involves musical instruments please be respectful of Merle. 🙂

    • The MOOCs are a great idea, Jono. I have heard of them, but have not tried any. I will check them out! Thanks.

  4. How about a quilting class? Project Linus has some easy free patterns out on the web. There’s probably a quilt shop near you that teaches the basics or you could go online to Craftsy. PLUS, studies are showing that learning something new, like quilting, helps to keep your brain growing. Have fun deciding what to take.

    • I don’t have a sewing machine, and my sewing skills were marginal at best back in the day when I tried sewing. I’ve thought of it, though. I do some crocheting, I had looked at the patterns on the Linus website for crochet. I may start there. I definitely need to keep the brain engaged.

  5. You have much to look forward to! I can’t imagine highs in the fifties (our lows are in the sixties right now and I feel the chlll 🙂 )

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