Posted by: chlost | September 20, 2014

When the action finally stops, sometimes it feels as though you are still spinning for a while

Here I am sitting in a soft comfy chair with my  laptop on my lap. The cursor blinks at me, off, on, off again, asking which letter is coming next. My fingers are moving slowly on the keyboard tonight.

The remains of a mixed drink sits on the table to my left, with a crumb-covered plate from a snack sitting next to it. My feet are propped up on the ottoman in front of me. My eyes ache and my eyelids feel heavy.

The little dog is lying next to my feet. This fur-covered bundle of energy has not moved for nearly an hour now.

Merle is upstairs, watching a mindless movie. He also has not moved for nearly an hour.

The entire house seems to be letting out a deep breath; relaxing, settling in for a quiet night.

For the whirlwind that is three little girls has now subsided.

They are gone.


How did we do it? Merle and I raised three children. We ran from activity to school, to games. Our kids were always busy, putting on plays, building forts, riding bicycles, playing sports. Merle and I both worked full time at jobs that were not easy. We had no spare time. We were always moving.

And yet I don’t ever remember feeling quite like this.

One weekend with our three grandchildren, and we are exhausted.

We were awakened by giggles and  little noses at 6:30 a.m.  each morning that they were here.

Oh, but we had fun!

The baby calves had to be examined:


Snapping turtle hatchlings became prized pets:







There were trees to be climbed:


And there was a swing which needed to fly:



There was work to be done with Bop…..down at the river where the bugs were nasty:


….and in the yard:



….and of course he needed help with the cooking:


We visited a heritage farm and helped the docents with farm chores as they were done in the 1850s (and fully enjoyed the kittens):



We also learned how to “stump” each other at the game “20 questions”, as well as new songs to sing in the car. We watched movies, played video games, and loved up the dog.

At the end of the weekend, the three-year-old finally fell asleep in the car on the way home. The older two were still going strong.

Merle and I barely stayed awake as we drove home after dropping them off with their parents tonight.

And this is what we have been reduced to……all three of us (dog included), now sitting here in a quiet, still a bit of a messy house, recovering.

Oh, we will all sleep well tonight.

We will sleep late, and we will miss those three girls in the morning.



  1. I think there is a reason why we have children when we’re young! With grandkids, it seems like it is nice to see them arrive and a respite when they go, and then fun anticipating their return.

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