Posted by: chlost | October 6, 2014

Congratulations are in order….otherwise known as I can’t believe I have to shop for another dress for a family wedding!

My brother got engaged last night. That’s right. He asked his girlfriend of one year to marry him.

He is the last of the four siblings of our family to be married. One of my sisters is on her second (and much better) marriage.

And although this is his first marriage, I assure you that he is not rushing into marriage.

He will be 50 years old by the time of the wedding next summer.

My brother is just a unique guy. He needed to find the right person who could appreciate that.

To begin with, he is 6’7″ tall and just generally looks like a giant. He is currently working as an EMT, but has a MDiv. His previous jobs include disc jockey and Lutheran pastor,  He writes feature articles for his small town newspaper, and drives a school activity bus part time. He loves crossword puzzles, he acts in and directs plays for his community theater group. His sense of humor is quite dry.

He is one of the good guys in the world.

But he is my “little” brother, and from my perspective as his older sister, he’s a dork.

Think I’m exaggerating? I don’t think so…..

This is how he proposed:


From: e
To: c
Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2014 18:05:58 -0500




Yes, he sent her an email.

While they were sitting next to each other.

He proposed to her using a rebus in an email!

Then he announced their engagement to the family by forwarding the email to us, with the following explanation:

So this is the e-mail I sent to C today (while sitting next to her). Keeping in mind that the last image means “mi” on the scale (do, re, mi), see how you can do on the rest…..

She teaches music, thus the “mi”.

Remarkably, she agreed to marry him. Yes, a very nice, seemingly normal woman has agreed to marry my tall, dorky, 50 year-old baby brother.

As my sister has said many times, “There’s a lid for every pot.”

***In case it isn’t obvious from this post, I am absolutely thrilled for both of them. I even get a new niece and nephew out of the deal!!***



  1. Great story. If there was a way to capture all the innovative ways people proposed, it would make a very interesting book.

  2. Gosh, you’re family is on a roll! And more dancing?

  3. I want to see more dancing photos! Just by your description I’m pretty sure I would like your brother, even if he is just a kid.

  4. How fun! Finding a dress may be less stressful this time around, eh? 🙂

  5. Darn, my browser isn’t showing the photos! Oh, well, your description convinced me of both his dorkiness and his charm. I’m fascinated by people who get married for the first time later in life; it’s kind of a “I’d like to read that book” feeling. Congrats to your whole family!

  6. I couldn’t see the photos, but I smiled the whole time I was reading!

  7. For some reason, the images aren’t showing up on my computer. But congratulations to him!

  8. Congratulations to your adorable baby brother. I know you will dance beautifully at his wedding!

  9. Can’t see the images either. But the story is great and your brother sounds like a great guy.

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