Posted by: chlost | January 1, 2015

New for Old

20141231_211340Last night we went out for a New Year’s Eve celebration for the first time in about 15 years. My soon-to-be sister-in-law found tickets for a local comedy show. There were six of us for dinner, drinks and laughs.

The dinner was mediocre. The comedian was quite funny at times, but I am not much of a drinker-two beers are my limit. Merle had one beer, as he was the driver. We enjoyed laughing and chatting. But when the comedian was done, the music was turned up and it was nearly impossible to have a conversation. Then I started to yawn-rudely and uncontrollably.

We ended up leaving at around 11, and were home by 11:30. A peck of a kiss at midnight and we were both asleep as fireworks could be heard somewhere in the distance.

Romantic? Not so much.

Exciting? No.

Wild? No.

Practical? Yes.

The traffic on the highways soon after midnight on NYE scares me. I know too well how many drunks are on the roads on any given night, let alone on NYE. I feel much more comfortable being back at home before they head out on the road. This is a somewhat rural area where heavy drinking is often a major element of any celebration. I’m just not interested in being part of the tragic ending to their holiday.

It was fun to be out, and it was nice to spend time with my brother, his fiancee, and her sister and brother-in-law.  We really don’t go out much, and realized that we need to do so more often. That is one of our hopes for the next year It just wasn’t a good night to start. I’ve learned a few things in my day.

Ah, yes, I still keep myself open to learning new things. In fact, I learned something new yesterday.

It made me realize that I am out of touch, stupid, or just plain old. This is the year for a major “zero” birthday. I am soon to reach the point that I will be hard-pressed to justify any thought that I am not old. This conversation didn’t help.

I was talking with a couple of young ladies who had come into our office for the day with their mothers. They are 8 and nearly 7 years old. Somehow, our conversation included counting the number of reindeer on Santa’s sleigh. I started naming off the reindeer. “Dasher and Dancer. and……Blitzen. And of course, Rudolph, so that is nine” I explained.

“No”, the eight year old told me, “you forgot Olive”.

I was confused. “Olive?”

“Yes” she told me confidently, “Olive, the other reindeer”.

That one really made me laugh. In all of these years, I had never tumbled onto that.

And with that, I enter the new year of 2015 (my god, how can that be?) humbled and full of hope that there are new things for me to learn and enjoy.

Happy New Year to you!



  1. I always forget Olive, too. lol

    • She was the mean one.

  2. Olive – now that’s cute 🙂 I’ve never gone out for NYE, mostly because of the drunk driving, but also because I prefer to be at home rather than elbow-to-elbow with a bunch of people I may or may not know. (Hmmm… it appears I might be a 41-year-old curmudgeon.) Well, happy new year anyway!

    • Thanks-and Happy New Year back to you!

  3. ‘Olive’? Love her, and that the eight year old knew her:)

    • Does this mean that I am not the only one who did not know about Olive?

      • The name sounds vaguely familiar, but not sure where or when I heard it. Certainly could not have volunteered the information;)

      • It wasn’t even vaguely familiar to me. I truly learned something entirely new!

  4. Olive! That’s really funny.

    I was asleep by 10:30 New Year’s Eve. 😮

    • I know. And the young lady never cracked a smile, even when I told her that it was funny.

  5. Olive and Rudolph, green and red Christmas colours. Love Olive!

    • I’d never really thought about that. And green olives are one of my favorite foods. Thanks for stopping in Allen.

  6. Kids these days are on top of Olive due to due to the very successful children’s books (and movie):

    Cute books for the little ‘uns in your life.

    Oh, and going out on New Year’s is overrated. Going out, however, is also good for one’s energy and perspective. So I feel you on all fronts.

    • Thank you, Jocelyn! I have never heard of this, obviously, and I have grandchildren of that age. Of course, they don’t “do” Santa, so perhaps that’s why I haven’t learned it from them. What a clever idea.

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