Posted by: chlost | January 11, 2015

Pick a word, any word

Yesterday I received a notice from the “boss” as telling me that I have been blogging for five years.

Huh. I guess so. This blog is now of kindergarten age. The same age as my middle granddaughter.

It certainly has had ups and downs. The number of posts here has certainly declined. I have never had a lot of readers, as I don’t take advantage of the recommendations to Increase My Readership! by linking the blog to my facebook page, or whatever other ingenious methods that there may be. I’ve never been one to have a huge circle of friends. I prefer fewer good friends than a lot of acquaintances.

Thank you to my small group of readers, whom I think of as good friends.

A five-year anniversary which coincides with the beginning of a new year ending with a five-it seems a bit more momentous to me than just a “regular” anniversary.

My sister recently told me about a new way to think of new years’ resolutions. It is to pick a single word which you want to describe your goal for the year. Apparently, you are allowed to change the word up until January 31st. After that, you are supposed to live the year with that word as your theme. My sister had picked “creative” as her word. She has always been very artistically talented, but feels that she lost that in the past year or so. The past year was very challenging for her, and she felt that she had lost her creative side while dealing with those challenges.

Now I have been thinking of what I want as the theme for my upcoming year. My first thought was “travel”. I really want to travel more. I love to travel and have several trips planned for this year. But my goal is a bit more broad than that. The next word I considered was “active”.  I hope to be more physically active, including traveling. This computer has become an anchor, sucking me to my chair as I read blogs, facebook, watch Netflix and keep up on the emails and news sites.

Finally, I think I have my word. It encompasses much more, and really does describe my goal for 2015.


Do things.

Do More.

Travel. Go out with friends. Walk. Meet people. Take classes. Make things. Play with my grandchildren.

Stolen from Nike, when an opportunity arises, Just Do It.

It may mean that after 5 years on this blog, there may be even fewer posts. Or, it may mean that part of doing things will give me more things to post.

Perhaps things more interesting than posting about a 5th blog anniversary.



  1. Congratulations on five years of blogging. That shows tenacity. I don’t do all those things WordPress recommends either to grow readership. I’m not even on Facebook.

    “Do” sounds like a word that encompasses much. Do. It shows determination.

    I selected “hope” for my guiding word in 2015.

    • Thanks. Not sure if it is tenacity or just plain boredom. I know that most of the blogs that I began to read back when I started are no longer active. There does seem to be a bit of a normal life span for blogs of right around 5 years.

  2. Congrats on five years! Although I don’t think Nike deserves too much credit for the phrase, it is a good one. A friend’s grandson ran around a horse show we attended a number of years ago. He had a can of “fart spray” that he thought was hilarious. And it was the first couple of times.

    • Thanks. I am not a huge fan of Nike, but they were smart enough to copyright that phrase. And I love the fart spray, but it would get old fast.

  3. Isn’t it amazing how time flies in blogging?

    Good luck on your year of doing more!

    • Thanks. I have looked back at some of the earlier posts, and it is strange to see what I wrote about.

  4. I like that. A one word resolution. DO is one I should also adopt for 2015. Good luck and Happy New Year.

  5. I’m not on FB or Twitter and I don’t do the right things to increase readership, either 🙂 My five years comes up in March, hard to believe. I hope your “do” word motivates you to go – I imagine it could prompt some posts, too!

  6. Happy 5th! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and your family … the weddings and the new smartphones.

    Here’s to another five! Stay warm!

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