Posted by: chlost | September 22, 2015

Well, that lasted much longer than I’d anticipated

It’s been over three months since I’ve had a laptop, and since I’ve been here in the blogging world.

While I was gone, I heard that blogging has become obsolete. Man, I leave for a few months, and look what happens! Now that I’m back, maybe things will pick up again.

You’re welcome.

It will take me a very long time to catch up with everyone. I hope that I haven’t missed too much, I also hope that everyone (all ten of the people who used to read this blog) still remember me. Did anyone even notice that I was gone?

It was a very short summer.

I am not ready for it to be fall.

I am definitely not looking forward to winter.

There. That’s my update. Just like last year. Just like every year. Fall has this habit of becoming winter. Every year.

Well, we did have another family wedding this past summer. My brother, who at age 50 married for the first time. It was a very nice wedding, and they seem to be doing great. He also took on two step-children, ages 12 and 16, so there may be some interesting times ahead.

My mom turned 85 this summer. I figured out a way to give her a ride in a red Mustang convertible. She has said for years that she wanted to do that. She liked it, but wasn’t overly excited. She doesn’t get overly excited about much of anything any more. Is that what happens when people get that old?


Her walker adds a nice touch, right? As my sister said, you could make an ad for Mustang from this. “The dream lives on” perhaps?

A few weeks ago, I had a big “zero” birthday. Merle decided that the best gift he could give me was to gather the kids together for family time. He worked out renting a townhouse on a lake and got our sons, granddaughters and daughters-in-law there for a weekend. It was great. We had a wonderful time and it almost made that number before the zero bearable. I don’t mind birthdays, I am just going to stop counting them.

Now that I am back, flush with new laptop and extra hours of cold and darkness, I will attempt to keep up.

After I catch up.



  1. Well, it’s about damned time! If the blog world is passe then so are many thousands of bloggers. Thank goodness you have come back to save us. Blogging may be trendy for those who follow trends, but I suspect many will be here for a while. It is still fun for me to keep up with all those I read. Some go by the wayside and others pop up to fill in the gaps. As long as people have something to say I hope they will say it.

    • Thanks! Glad you are willing to put up with me. I see so many blogs that have simply disappeared, many of which I really enjoyed reading. It’s like losing a good friend. Hope you stick around, too.

  2. Welcome back! I look forward to reading your blogs again. My son keeps telling me that blogging is dead, but I still love reading them and, occasionally, writing one.

    • It will be a while before I am out of here. I do enjoy keeping up with others’ blogs, and enjoy the comments people make. I feel as though we are a family here in the blogging world.

  3. Well, *I* missed you. Glad you are back. I’m still blogging, too.

    • Thanks! Glad to see that you are still hanging around here in the blog world.

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