Posted by: chlost | February 18, 2018

Why Blog?

This past weekend, Merle and I had lunch with friends he’s known since high school. We have only recently reconnected with them after about 15 years of no contact. That’s what Facebook can do for you, I guess.

One of our conversations was about traveling. We shared our past trips, and those that we are hoping to enjoy after retirement. One of the trips I told them about was a trip to Zambia that I hope to share with a friend who lives abroad. Their first question was “How do you know her?”

The fact of the matter is that I know her through blogging. I read her comments on a blog. I went to her blog, and followed it. We exchanged comments, then emails. We have now met in person, and she stayed with us for a few days when she was in the U.S.

Our friends were stunned. “You read blogs? Meet people through blogs? You had someone you’d never met stay at your house? How did you do that?”

Well, of course if you compare the date of my last post to the date of this post, I think it would not be accurate to say that I am writing (or reading) blogs. I have let that part of my routine go over the past couple of years. I have been on facebook-a lot-and have filled my time watching movies and posting photos to Instagram. Even with all of the time that I spend online, I have not been to the wordpress site. I wasn’t sure my password was even still active.

Our conversation started me thinking about my blog. I realized how many people I got to know through blogs. Not only my future travel companion, but several others who I think of as friends, and whom I may or may not have met in real life.

There is Yael, who lives relatively nearby, and who accompanied me to the Women’s March last January. We still have lunch every few month. And Jocelyn, who teaches in a city just a few hours away. Jono also lives just several hours north of my home. Then there is Mark, the Idiot (his term, not mine), who had dinner with us when he visited here with his son on a trip to various Major League Baseball stadiums.  I originally met all of these folks through their blogs. We stay connected through facebook now. I think only Jocelyn regularly blogs now.

I also met Rusted Granny in real life when she flew here and stayed with us for a few days. And by flying here, I mean she flew her plane to a small airport just a few miles from our home. I haven’t kept in touch with her for a while now. She was fighting cancer then, and I think she focused on that rather than blogs.

There were many others who I connected with through blogs, but have never met. When I followed their blogs, I felt as though I knew them. A Canadian citizen living in Ukraine with his Ukrainian wife, as the Russians threatened the country.  A blog for “elders” who, despite being deemed old or out of touch, were still very active in the world’s events. A woman from San Diego whose photos showed her amazing eye for colors.  A gardener/musician from Pennsylvania who paired those two hobbies with amazing photos of her flowers and music. The list goes on.

As I have thought about this after our lunch conversation with friends, I realized that I miss this. I miss the community of blogging. I miss meeting people by reading their stories. I miss the exchange of comments, the online cocktail party atmosphere of getting to know each other.

As I write this, I realize that many of the people I met through blogging are no longer here. I have not checked their sites today, but the last time I looked, many of them are like me, and have not posted in many months.

That’s sad. I feel as though I have lost friends. But I’ve decided that I am going to get back into the party. I am sure that there are many others who may have come to the party a bit later, or will be arriving soon. I am looking forward to making the rounds once more. If we haven’t connected in a while and you are still out there, please leave a comment. We need to catch up!










  1. It is an amazing world out there and there are a lot of terrific humans in it. It is fun to get to meet them in person. I have yet to be disappointed. You do start to miss them after a bit as they have let you into their lives and if they disappear for a bit you might even worry. At least I do.

    • Yes, there are so many great people. It amazes me that there are so many who enjoy writing, and reading other blogs. I started this as a journal and have ended up with friends. I do have a few who have disappeared, and I worry about them, too.

  2. I read a lot of blogs. Most of them are quilting or knitting related. Don’t remember how I found you. I only subscribe to two. I was elated to find you in my inbox today! Welcome!

    • I love to see some of the artistic blogs, but I have no real talent for those things. I struggled to crochet for a while, but realized I am not too good at it. My poor grandchildren will have sad blankets from me, and that’s about it. I am so glad you found me, and hopefully we can keep in touch again.

  3. Welcome back to the blogging world. Like you, I have made many new friends via blogging. I’ve dined with these friends in my home and theirs and out. I’ve stayed with them. I connect with them often. We’ve shared joys and challenges. My world has broadened to include more wonderful people.

    But I blog, too, because writing and photography are my passions. I can share my discoveries of people and places and events. And, yes, sometimes I can make a difference when I write on topics such as domestic abuse and violence. Blogging is my creative voice.

    • My creativity has been pushed to the back of my life lately. Its time to get it back. I don’t have the audience that you have on your blog. But it’s enjoyable to see who does come by! Missed you guys!

      • Some day you will reclaim time for creativity. This blog is a start.

  4. I’m right there with you, went from prolific to haven’t written a thing in a year or so. Mostly because I write for work quite a bit and that sucks up my creative ideas, and I since I have people who read my stuff online, I don’t think a personal blog is appropriate. Also the kids have grown up so the humorous stories aren’t there any more. And Facebook and other social media outlets take my energy. Blogging is a dead art I’m afraid. Not many old school bloggers left as far as I can tell.
    That said, I also made lots of friends, online and otherwise, blogging and some I’m still connected too on social media. Now I figure one day I might get back to it so I keep the site up. But until then..

    • I hope blogging isn’t dead. Maybe it’s like real books. I heard that the news of their demise was premature and people are still opting for the real thing. I always enjoyed your stories, whether on your kids, work, travel, whatever. I really enjoyed your conversations about your religious traditions. I learned a lot. My blog is not known under my name, and I have not told anyone in my family about it. It is just for me. And now I am reclaiming it. Hope you stick around to at least read a few blogs, Sank.

  5. Well, welcome back! I blog less frequently than I did in the early days, but still do (with an occasional hiatus). I’ve met a handful of people through blogging – a big group at a weekend gathering and a few others here and there. I don’t think many of the folks I’ve met in real life are still keeping a blog, though. In fact, hardly anyone on my original blogroll still blogs. But I like the interactions, I like feeling I have gotten to know people pretty well whether or not I ever meet them in the flesh.

    • I am so glad you still out there! I went through my blog roll and was really disappointed to see that very few are active. A couple seem to have been taken over by an Asian site (the unfamiliar letters were some Asian language, but I don’t recognize it), and several others have a last posting from back around the same time I let this one go. I think everyone is starting to think and process in much shorter bits, and we have shrunken our minds to twitter- and facebook-sized posts. Someday soon I hope to travel down your way as part of my retreat from winter. I will be checking out some of the places you’ve posted about, I think.

  6. Blogging has become a passion with me, mostly because it keeps me non track with my writing. So glad you got so much out of blogging, and plan to keep it up!

    • I seem to have lost some of my passion for writing I am hoping to get back at it. Thanks.

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