Posted by: chlost | March 24, 2018

Thoughts of hope

If I am right about this, and I hope I am, I believe that today the tide has turned in this country in regards to gun control.

My granddaughters will hopefully have no memory of news stories of school shootings. Perhaps they will never know what an automatic weapon can do to a school (or church, or movie theater, or mosque, or temple, or college campus) and those who are inside.  They won’t have to see photos of stuffed animals, candles, and tear-jerking signs in memory of the victims of mass shootings.

The local March for Our Lives had about 20,000 attendees. The march in Washington DC had about 800.000. There were marches all over the world, on every continent. I have watched the videos, read posts, articles and marchers’ signs.

There is change in the air. This feels hopeful. The energy, determination and savvy of the young students who have organized this day of protest has set a fresh tone for those of us who have become cynical, tired and hopeless about change. People are speaking up, speaking out.

I believe that this is a turning point. The support for the NRA is at its’ lowest point in many years. The majority of the country supports reasonable regulation of guns. As we move toward the midterm elections in November, recent special elections are bringing some surprising wins for progressives.

“I feel a sense of hope for the first time in a year-and-a-half”, one of my friends posted today. I think many of us old hippies feel the same.


And, as another post said, “Perhaps these kids are the answer to all of your thoughts and prayers”.

Yes, I think that they may be. I will be hoping for them that they are able to go forward as determined, energetic and hopeful as they are today.

The momentum is with them.

As are the hopes and prayers of a whole lot of us old hippies.





  1. I have been so very inspired as a result of these amazing events! I recognize that the young people of today are different. They have a strange new world to cope with, and they are starting something entirely new. Bless them!

    • They are different. They have social media imprinted on them from a young age. They are savvy in ways that we can’t even fathom. It’s amazing to see.

  2. We even had 140 marchers up here! I hope the kids keep the momentum going through election day and beyond.

    • Yes, I am hoping that the election will see many more young voters. There is a lot for them to do.

  3. I am hopeful, too. And impressed by the movement and the kids who are determined to effect change. We can all learn from them. Yes, even us old hippies.

  4. I sure hope so. And I hope young people get out in droves to vote, because that’s the only thing that will make a difference.

  5. I hope so. This can’t go on…

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