I am a woman on the back side of middle age, who deals with that fact better on some days than others.  I have been married over 30 years to the same guy (I’ve named him Merle here).  We have three grown children and three amazing granddaughters. I am an attorney who represents children in the juvenile court system. I’ve been doing this for over 25 years, and I have seen some pretty awful stuff.

I am hoping that this blog will provide an escape from dreary winter weather, and a much-needed outlet for my desire to write.  This blog will likely be interesting only to me, but I am willing to share if you are interested.  It is, after all,  Just My Life.



  1. thanks for stopping by, hope you do again…
    All the best Gareth.

  2. I like how you writing…

  3. I meant to say…

    I like your writing…

    • Thank you for your visit to my site!

  4. Hi Backrow, Thanks for visiting me. I will certainly be back to visit you more often. It is nice to find someone else who is at the “back side of middle age” and like you, I also cope better with this fact on some days than others. Greetings from ZA.

  5. Thanks for your comment on my camping post. I find your blog very interesting and will definitely visit here again. I’m always looking for more ways to spend even more time at the computer!

  6. I’m thrilled to find your blog and am so enjoying your posts!

    • Thank you! I will be checking in on your site as well. I had a brief visit but will check back.

  7. I’m a backsidder myself and very much enjoy your writing. Just found you so will enjoy catching up reading all your old posts. (No pun intended)
    I love how you find the humor in circumstances that suggest screaming and hair tearing.

    • Thanks so much for dropping in! Your blog looks pretty interesting-I’ve been a passenger in a 4-seater, but never flown one. Love the places you’ve been Flathead Lake and the Cascades look as amazing from the air as on the ground! Hope you’ll come by again!

  8. Another backsider here-and I kind of like it. I was wandering around among the “stones in the river”. I just wanted to say congrats on the year of blogging. But more than that I wanted to say I send peace for your heart after the death of your sister. It is a weird place this internet confessional – but your loss brought to mind my blogs beginnings which were steeped in a family tragedy. And how seemingly odd it was to process this loss with people I never met. Seemingly odd but infinitely healing. Good luck to you as you begin your second year. teri

    • I am so glad you visited. Thank you. The blogging world is a wonderful and amazing one. Finding friends you will never meet, but whom you come to know better than most of the “real” friends you have is something I never imagined.

  9. Wait for it, wait for it….wow, I just wanted you to know that I picked your blog while surfing the blogs in tag surfer…my first time to surf…I am JillyWillyArt, a painter/teacher and not a writer…I thought to myself, I will see how the pros do it…so I see in your about, that you are in some kind of court system work…sounds very left brain to me…sorry, but I am glad you found your right brain…just letting the words flow, like paint, is right brain…

    Yes, I am middle age woman too….love, love, love it…the kids are grown, the house is quiet…I think I will paint, wait no, write, no paint, no write, maybe exercise, no, whatever…I do what I want!! Glad you are out there trying to banish the winter blues…koodos to you!! I will subscribe to your blog and maybe learn to write!! Come paint with me sometime on Lake Lanier!!

  10. Visiting via the Idiot – love what you find worth writing about (I’m always interested in cow shopping and OWS)!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I will try to find more stuff to write about here and there :).

  11. Thank you for subscribing to my blog and i hope you enjoy my posts, i am going to do like wise here.

    • Thanks. It will be fun to get to know you.

  12. Ha Ha, You moved to Slow, You’ve Been Tagged!!! Courtesy of LaughingAtEverydayLife 😀


  13. soooo nice, i m glade i found YOUR blog, me too blogging for the same reasons… keep up

  14. […] from the intriguing Just My Life Blog. Go visit….you’ll be glad you […]

  15. Here in PA, it’s supposed to snow AGAIN during the night. We are supposed to get 3-5 inches! Here it is Easter and looking forward to nicer weather. Not now, say’s Mother Nature!

    • Our daughter and son-in-law live I Philadelphia. I’ve heard that the snow has become quite overwhelming for the city. She sent a beautiful photo of the cherry blossoms covered in snow. I hope that the snow doesn’t harm the flowers and trees too much!

      • Yes, this snow is a pain in the butt at such a late time. However, one good thing is that it won’t last long. It was a very wet snow. Will be gone once the sun comes back out. I’m not far from Philly. Have been there many times.

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