Posted by: chlost | October 19, 2010

Getting rid of clutter, adding some moola

I finally decided to just list some of the crap stuff that we have been storing in our garage on Craigslist and sell it. I now have about 5 different listings going to sell stuff. So far, I have sold 2, and a third will be sold within the day.

Why have I waited so long?

The stuff has been just sitting there:  A foosball table that we bought when we bought our house, thinking that the kids would really use it a lot for parties. (They never really did use it much, they were always more interested in listening to music and talking when they had friends over.); a mini fridge that we bought for the kids when they were living in a dorm; solid brass kickplates from the doors in my old office; a sofa from my old office; some filing cabinets from my old office; the old beautiful wood carved front door from my grandmother’s home; my grandmother’s old dining room table and the matching chairs.  It has taken up a lot of room. There was really no reason to be keeping it all.

The only piece that I really had trouble listing was the door. I loved that door. I had all sorts of ideas of how to use it, but my husband never liked it and didn’t like my ideas. It was the first thing to sell, and the guy is going to use it in his renovated Victorian home. He promised to send me a picture when he has it done. It went to a good home, and it is better off there than in my garage.

The entire experience of listing things on Craigslist and buying or selling things is unique.  We bought a dryer that way. My s-i-l sold some of the items from my husband’s aunt’s home there. It is amazing to see all of the things that are listed there. Things are listed for $1.00.  Why not donate them?  Who is going to call and come to your house to buy something for one dollar?

The people who use Craigslist are of two kinds, from what I can tell. There are those who are scavengers-just looking for anything which might have some value, and which they will probably turn around and sell again. Those are the people who will try to bargain the price down.

Then there are the people who are truly looking for something in particular, who need something.  These people generally don’t bicker on the price, but just want to be sure it is what they are looking for. So far, the people who are answering my ads have just handed over the money, no negotiating at all.  One lady did call me about the mini-fridge and tried to get me to lower the price over the phone.  The number one negotiation rule: don’t bid against yourself. That is a rule I follow religiously.

In any event, I feel as though I am in a win-win-win situation. We get to empty out some space, get rid of some stuff and get a little cash.

How can you go wrong? 

As we say here in Minnesota, “It’s a heckuva deal!”



  1. Our house is full of stuff as well, but not cool stuff like you had, not anything that anyone would want to buy. Our clutter is papers and files and useless crap.

    We recently moved and I told my wife that we were not moving the “crap”, she has to get rid of it. Well, we ended up moving several boxes of crap!! I would just dump it all in recycling but she has to go through it paper by paper and review it for necessity. Only then is it recycled or shredded.

    To me if it has no value or no use, it should be tossed. I am fighting a losing battle. But there is nothing in those boxes that anyone on Craigslist would want to buy. Nothing!!

  2. This sounds like it’s been a great experience. Here, G job hunted on Craigslist every day. We bought a stationary bike, and sold it, on Craigslist. Estate sales we go to are on Craigslist. It’s interesting how pivotal it has become in many lives.

    I’d of kept the door. 🙂

  3. In Minnesota aren’t you supposed to add on a “You Betcha!” to the end of that?

    Just wondering…… 🙂

  4. Oh, good for you. There is somehting very freeing about de-cluttering and getting some cash is a sweet bonus.

  5. RYN: Most books aren’t worth much, but they are good sellers at thrift stores. If you wonder if a book is worth money, you can check the pricing on ABE books, on and their used affiliates, but best of all, you can check prices on eBay. 🙂

  6. I should clear up some of our things too. I thought about Craigslist but then I hesitated – do people have to come to your home to look at the things? I would not like that. Most of what we have are books, but some are autographed or very old – then again those types of books – we can’t part with them – which is why we have too much stuff.

    • I have had people come to the house, but so far, there has been no problem. I worried about that a bit, too. Books might be better to sell on ebay if they are signed.

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