Posted by: chlost | February 14, 2012

Let me count the ways…..

Yes, another Valentine’s Day.

Every time I write that, I wonder-is it Valentine’s Day or Valentines Day, or Valentines’ Day? A day full of valentines, or the day belongs to a valentine, or it belongs to many valentines. Let me know if you have that one figured out.

There seems to be an assumption that it is the responsibility of the man in the relationship to buy flowers, candy, or arrange for dinner out.  In this household, most of the time there are cards exchanged, sometimes flowers are received (by me-although back in the early days I did get Husband flowers….he didn’t seem too excited about that), and often a dinner out. The dinner out is a gift for both of us, as neither is usually very excited about cooking.

Around this house, valentines are a bit boring; they have become routine.

When I spent time with granddaughters this past weekend, the four-year old was very focused on valentines. This is the first year that she understands it. She wanted me to show her how to make hearts out of construction paper. We cut out several “ice cream cone” shapes along the fold of the paper before she got the hang of it. Then there was no stopping her. I think she made over 20 hearts.

She was then focused on the messages for each heart. On her own she came up with a message for them. Each started “I love you because..” . She knows her letters, so I told her how to spell each of the words she dictated to me. There were “I love you because you share”, and “I love you because you are kind”, and my favorite- “I love you because you giggle”.

So I took her idea and sent a valentine to each granddaughter. I wrote to each of them….”I love you because….” and listed about 4 or 5 things about them that I love. I specifically referred to their personalities.

I have to say, that it was a great learning experience for me. I do love all of them, but I also love each one of them. They are very different little girls.  It took some thought to put into words everything that I love about each of them.

Some of the qualities that I listed for them were:

the sparkle in her eyes, she helps her sisters, she shares with her sisters, her laugh, she runs fast, her imagination.

A fresh look at the love to be shared with my little valentines.



  1. I just got a rush of memory involving fourth grade and red construction paper and white doilies and Eddie Beadle and, well, the measles. Although the whole class made me Valentines while I was sick. Now it’s an antique disease, and I’m an antique.

  2. This is the holiday I boycott every year, although I do buy heart-shaped boxes of chocolates for my sons.

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